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    • Pete3.JPG
      Overland Camping Trip through Botswana & Namibia - Part 2

      Onward to Northern Namibia: Day 11 Wednesday 3rd All good things come to an end; today we have a long trip ahead of us again. Our few days at Drotsky’s Cabins were a wonderful break and very well worth while. The owners and staff are friendly and helpful, the place is well maintained and reasonably priced – a definite recommendation from the Hutchisons. So once again it was an early...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Ah, those summer loves...

      School was out. For many of us that meant heading off to summer camp for a week or two. The outings - sometimes at camps in a forest park, sometimes at great college campuses - often were sponsored and run by a church or some other organization trying to keep school kids out of trouble. Most times the camps drew kids from around the state or a large geographic area around your home town....

    • Joanie-Schirm1x1.jpg
      Joanie Schirm

      Joanie Schirm is a retired CEO who, in many ways, represents the new face of retirement. She's still learning, still growing, still active in her community and still working. Only these days, she's working on a passion project -- genealogy.

    • Pete3.JPG
      Camping Trip - Swaziland, Southern Africa

      In South Africa the word "caravan" has taken on a slightly different meaning to the generally...

    • Deedra_sm.jpg
      How to Stay Phat in a Skinny Economy

      How to Stay Phat in a Skinny Economy By Deedra Hunter, LMHC As a young girl I was devastated if someone called me fat. As an older woman I’m thrilled if someone calls me Phat. Go figure. Better yet, go Google. Phat is now slang for “excellent, first-rate, wonderful, terrific.” I love being Phat and I want to help you get Phat and stay Phat in this negative, skinny economy. No, I...

    • felix-joe-kittinger16x9.jpg
      Joe Kittinger: Man on a Mission

      Joe Kittinger has kept a secret for nearly two years but now it can be revealed. What does this 81-year-old American hero have to do with the most dangerous, most exciting record attempt in 50 years? Everything.

    • Bernie - The Ultimate Florida Gators Fan!!!
      Camp "Say What?"

      I made a fool of myself when I was 9 years old. (It has happened many times since then.) Here’s my story: I was at 4H camp in Ocala, Florida for a week. The counselors decided that we would have a talent show that everyone (as in several hundred campers if I remember correctly, but it was probably more like 50) would attend. Anyway, eager to put my talents on display, I said yes right away when...

    • Roz-Savage-Book-Cover.jpg
      Day 16: In Appreciation of Oceans

      Roz Savage is a British ocean rower, author, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner. After 11 years as a management consultant, she embarked on a new life of adventure by rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic. Her unlikely transformation from office worker to ocean rower, described with humor and soul-baring honesty in her blogs, captivated a worldwide audience. Roz is now...


    Viewing 51-60 of 84