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    • smartphone-experiment3x4.jpg
      Pierre Khawand

      With so many high-tech cell phones on the market, Pierre Khawand, author of "The Smartphone Experiment," explains how to make a smart buy.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      All that's fit to print - not exactly

      I keep marveling at all the innovations with technology and the impact they have had on our lives since I was born. Computers are as ubiquitous as the kitchen stove. From mainframes to PCs to embedded computers in our vehicles and varied household devices, they allow us to live our lives easier and more efficiently. And with the computers came the internet, a technology that stretches...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Believe it or not, we did have phones

      The younger ones today think we seniors lived in the dark ages when it comes to communicating. I’m sure they think we communicated with drums or sent mail via horse and rider. Well, I can tell them that we had our phone systems where they have their cell phones. Back in the 1940s (I know - that was centuries ago) we had phones. My parents had a home phone; the number was 94-J. It...

    • Cell Phone
      How Does This Thing Work?

      With so many high-tech cell phones on the market, how do you know which kind to choose? The author of "The Smartphone Experiment" explains to Growing Bolder members how to make a smart buy.

    • Taken in 2007
      A Lot Has Happened

      For three years I've been an independent Avon representative. I've met a lot of great ladies and signed up 8 people but out of those 8 only 3 were really doing the business. I find that many people don't have the motivation or desire to make a difference in their lives. Where we live, a strong depressing spirit hovers over the city as well as alcoholism, drugs, greed and selfishness. I grew up...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Robert Frost had it right in 1928

      The following is a poem by Robert Frost. I've been reading some of Frost's works and skipping over others that seem to drone on. This one, however, made me stop and think. Though it was written in 1928, it seemed so appropriate today for me and I suspect many other seniors. I have no idea why it is titled as it is. What Fifty SaidWhen I was young my teachers were the old.I gave up fire for...

    • Amy Korn-Reavis
      Why do 9 Million People Need Sleeping Pills

      There was an article recently that stated that 9 million people are receiving prescriptions for sleeping pills. This shows the true issue with healthcare in America. We want an instant solution and we do not want to do any work. We also do not consider that medication does not give us the same type of sleep natural sleep gives the body. The issue is why do we need to take pill to sleep...

    • latenightmuserjpg
      When I was a kid...

      If you are younger, no doubt you have heard the story. If you are older (over 50), I’m sure you have told the story. It is the story of those who are seniors and how tough life was back when they were young. Back then they had to walk three miles to school in 8 ft. snow drifts. We all know it isn’t true. The highest snow drift I ever had to navigate on my two mile walk to school...

    • Childhood-Toys16x9.jpg
      Yesterday's Toys Meet Today's Kids

      What would happen if a group of children had their iPods, Game Boys and cell phones taken away and replaced with the toys we grew up with? Would they know what to do? Watch as today's kids are exposed to the toys of yesterday.

    • Dr. Paul Nussbaum
      Dr. Paul Nussbaum

      Dr. Paul Nussbaum takes the term "brain power" to the next level. He's an internationally recognized expert on brain diseases and brain health and aims to show people that fitness isn't only for the body.

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