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    • Rightsizing Your Life
      Ciji Ware

      Are you drowning in your stuff? Clear the clutter and learn how to rightsize your life.

    • Collecting Memories

      Sports memorabilia has never been hotter and we found a collector who shows us why souvenirs can mean so much more than money!

    • Don't Throw That Old Stuff Away!

      A unique art store takes your favorite pop culture items -- from old lunchboxes to posters -- and turns them into works of art.

    • Ciji Ware
      Ciji Ware

      Is your life cluttered? It's time to get rid of the old and

    • Miniature House
      Passing Down Mini Memories

      Good things really do come in small packages. Susan Newland shows how a love for family led not just to a new hobby -- but a new career. Her passion will have you looking for new ways to pass on childhood memories to the next generation.

    • Marcia-Schlosser-still 3.jpg
      The Horse Painter

      Meet a woman who is using old-fashioned techniques to restore antique carousel horses. She says each horse has its own personality and she's just trying to let each one shine through the decades of neglect.

    • Roger-TransRadio16x9.jpg
      Childhood Gift Changed Music History

      Many of us collect and proudly display treasured objects because of their special significance. The legendary Roger McGuinn collects small transistor radios. The Byrds' founder describes how a childhood gift changed his life and inspired music history.

    • Mouse-Surplus4x3.jpg
      Making a Mint Off the Mouse

      These days collecting is not a hobby, it's a business. A BIG business. Even Walt Disney World's trash is highly sought after treasure.

    • James-Gibson-paints4x3.jpg
      Roadside Works of Art

      The Florida Highwaymen were 26 African-American artists who traveled the state in the '50s and '60s selling paintings along the roadside. Ignored at the time, today their works are highly sought-after collectibles.

    • stained-glass4x3.jpg
      Adding Color to Your Life

      There's nothing more fulfilling than creating art with your own hands. When Rosemarie Brown realized she could create beautiful works with stained glass it changed her life. Now, she's out to change yours, too!

    Viewing 1-10 of 32