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    • George Brunstad
      George Brunstad

      Three days after blowing out the candles on his 70th birthday cake, Connecticut resident George Brunstad decided to take a swim – across the English Channel.

    • John-Suscovich-skype16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: John Suscovich

      When John Suscovich left the Howard Stern Show to become a full-time farmer in Connecticut, he found his Growing Bolder moment. He talks with Bill Shafer about the lessons he's learned from taking the leap and why he says it's the best thing he did.

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      A drug rehab that focuses on recovery and personal attention

      Drug rehab centers that focus on individual treatment rather than a cookie-cutter method of treatment allows each patient the chance to focus on their own addiction. Each addiction is unique and each treatment plan for addicts should be as well.Drug addiction on its own is a devastating disease that affects not only the user but their families and loved ones as well. While the addiction itself has...

    • CHIP102ART.BookCover01.jpg
      Finding Lizzie

      Back in the day when kids put on play clothes after school and free time was not so structured, I had my best friend, Lizzie. Each afternoon till 5:00, when her family ate dinner (an hour earlier than ours), we were free to do all the stuff children did in the pre-daycare, pre-Elizabeth Smart, pre-Amber Alert days when you actually saw kids outside in neighborhoods riding bikes, playing...

    • Nancy Norstromv.2.jpg
      Connecticut Conference

      Just before Thanksgiving I teamed up with Cindy Shea, the director of the lifelong learning...

    • Project Home 2011 scientific research project

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