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    • Tippi-Hedren1x1.jpg
      Tippi Hedren

      She starred in two of Hitchcock's biggest films, but it's her passionate work to protect animals that has really made her a star. Find out what makes Tippi Hedren feel as vibrant as ever at age 78.

    • chuck-leavell1x1.jpg
      Chuck Leavell

      What do the Rolling Stones and tree farming have in common? Keyboardist Chuck Leavell is a rock legend and a world warrior.

    • Turtle
      A Hero for the Planet

      At age 64, Dr. Peter Pritchard is still living his childhood dream. Time magazine calls him a "Hero for the Planet." He's been named Floridian of the year. And if turtles could vote, he'd be named the greatest man who ever lived.

    • John-Davis1x1.jpg
      John Davis

      Wilderness adventurer John Davis is on a mission to restore and protect our wildlife habitats. To make his point, he just completed a 7,500-mile journey using nothing but manpower. Find out how he thinks he big trip will make a difference.

    • Joel-Sartore1x1.jpg
      Nat Geo Photographer's One-Man Mission

      Joel Sartore is a word-renowned photographer for National Geographic who believes all species of animals deserve a place on the earth. He describes his one-man mission to shoot portraits of nearly 6,000 animals, before it's too late.

    • av-3018.jpg
      Rural Conservation Issues.

       Hey... You live in the hinterlands? Have questions, problems  or concerns with wildlife or other conservation related issues. I could write a book. as an old pro, on these subjects. I am initiating this thread to keep these topics drifting from

    • Harrison-Ford-4x3.jpg
      Harrison Ford Bares it All

      Want to see Harrison Ford with his shirt off? He bares it all -- and goes even more bare -- in a new video, supporting Conservation International. Take a look at this video, where Ford gets his chest waxed to make a point.

    • Skip Stein
      World Energy Crisis - The Equation

      World Energy Crisis The Equation Energy Freedom ------------------------------ *equals* ------------------------------ Conservation Politics (Note: the above should read "Energy over Conservation *EQUALS* Freedom over Politics.) What we have is a failure to communicate on a Global scale. The Planet Earth is finite; a...

    • sunrise-3.jpg
      How To Stop Drafts and Save On Energy Bills

      How To Stop Drafts and Save On Energy Bills Imagine leaving a window open all winter long -- the heat loss, cold drafts and wasted energy! If your home has a folding pull-down attic stair, a whole house fan, a fireplace or clothes dryer, that may be just what is occurring in your home every day. Drafts from these often overlooked holes waste energy and cost you big in the form of...


    Viewing 1-10 of 16