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Items Related To Tag 'dance'

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    • Dori-Berinstein1x1.jpg
      Dori Berinstein

      Tony Award-winning producer Dori Berinstein knows a good story when she's sees one, and when she heard that a group of senior citizens were doing hip hop dance routines at NBA games, she knew she had to tell their stories.

    • munderwood1.png
      How Dancing Makes You Mentally Fit

      If you’ve ever watched ABC’s hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” then you know that dancing is hard work. Dance has long been known as being an excellent way to stay physically fit. But could there be mental and cognitive benefits to dancing as well? Recently, a major study from Albert Einstein College of Medicine reported in the New England Journal of Medicine that dance can be a...

    • MIDLER4X3.jpg
      The Divine Miss M.

      Bette Midler is back on stage and better than ever. She should be, after 50+ years of collecting rhinestones and feathers! See why she says she's at her peak performance level today.

    • Hank-Brunjes1x1.jpg
      Hank Brunjes

      By age 20, Hank Brunjes had taken Broadway by storm and was sharing the stage with some of the biggest stars in the world. But what happens when you age out of Broadway? You find a new way to keep dancing!

    • Phyllis-Sues1x1.jpg
      The Tango-Dancing, Yoga-Practicing 88 Year Old

      It's never too late to live an active and vibrant life. Just ask Phyllis Sues. She dances the tango, composes and performs tango and jazz music, does trapeze and starts each morning with yoga. And she's 88 years old.

    • Mamy-Rock16x9.jpg
      Mamy Rock

      Her name is Ruth Flowers, but her legions of fans know her better as Mamy Rock. She's known all over the world for her work both behind the turntables and in front of hard-rocking crowds. Even in her 70s, she still just wants to dance!

    • Dorothy-Dale-Kloss1x1.jpg
      Dorothy Dale Kloss

      The world's oldest showgirl still kicks up her heels at 85 and says a brush with cancer was the only wake-up call she ever needed.

    • Laura-Sharpe1x1.jpg
      Laura Sharpe

      Her life changed forever when the helicopter she was riding in crashed, leaving her horribly injured. She survived but the trauma stuck with her. Find out how she's helping other trauma survivors use art to heal their bodies, minds and spirits.

    • Palin and Obama Dance.jpg
      Palin and Obama Dance.jpg

      Palin and Obama Dance.

    • Cathy-Gillaspie4x3.jpg
      The Eternal Gift of Dance

      Cathy Gillaspie's passing came far too soon, but she left a touching and powerful legacy through the students whose lives she guided and the infants whose lives she helped save.

    Viewing 11-20 of 150