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    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      Let's Hear it for the Girl!

      The Kennedy family does it again! Caroline Kennedy is now seeking the U.S. Senate seat left open by Senator Hillary Clinton's appointment to Barack Obama's new Cabinet. Kennedy, a married mother of three, is one of the best-known names in politics, but did you know that she's never run for office herself? In fact, she hasn't held a full-time job in years, and has seemed most interested in...

    • sassy_neon_sign.jpg
      Just Do It!!!!

      My life long awakining happened quite by accident. My mother lived with our family for nine years and was disabled. I was her care giver all of that time and also had a small child. I have to admit between my husband,son and mother I sometimes felt like running away. She was put on Hospice at the end and got to the point where she needed more care than we could provide her at...

    • YUP! It's Laurie
      I think I have Stockholm syndrome..

      About 13 years ago I started to identify with my captors...YES! I was captivated by a little blue eyed fella' with white hair and a loopy grin! Immmediately I learned two things about him.....He didn't belong to me....As his grandmother, I belonged to HIM! If you left him in his play pen while his father baby sat....He would soon become to smell bad.....The kid, and the daddy....He was very due...

    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      Pole Vaulting Grandma

      Nobody has to tell me that I should be more active. Every study ever done confirms that if you hope to live longer and live better you simply need to keep moving. So why do I spend so many evenings riding the sofa? Sometimes I wonder if these amazing people we all meet here on Growing Bolder make things worse! I mean, I'm NEVER going to be anything like the amazing 70-year-old Sandy Scott! My...

    • Lynn Smythe 2 4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Lynn Smythe

      She's cycling for a cause, and not only changing the world -- changing her own life for the better! See what Lynn Smythe, aka the Bike Diva, says about heroes, having fun, and staying active.

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Is "The Shack" a solution for Childhood Trauma?

      Does “The Shack” solve PTSD from Childhood Trauma? Commentary and review from Dwight...

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      DWTS Gets BOLD

      One of the things we all dream about here at GB is a day when it's actually not that remarkable...

    • Cadet Nurse.jpg
      The Nursing Home

      The Nursing Home It will never be called impressive, perhaps, nondescript is more apt. The long low buildings are surrounded by large oak trees. The area around the entrance is well kept. A profusion of red, pink and white hibiscus lift the spirits of those who enter. I entered through sliding glass door to the lobby that is encased in windows on two sides. A table is in the center of the...

    • DebbieZipp-4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Debbie Zipp

      What happens when you combine "girl power" with "boomer power?" Debbie Zipp has coined a new phrase that she and her partners at In the Trenches Productions hope will become the new catch phrase: "Women over 40 Power!"

    Viewing 161-170 of 192