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    • Liz Kitchens
      What Flavor of the Week is Your Favorite?

      Have you ever given any thought to what the days of the week feel like? The seasons of the year have very distinct flavors. The crisp cool days of fall as the quality of the light changes and the days grow shorter. The smell of fireplace smoke permeating the air; it’s dark by 5:30 as we shrug into our flannel PJs in the winter. The smell of rain and fresh flowers as the daylight begins...

    • Amy Korn-Reavis
      Why do 9 Million People Need Sleeping Pills

      There was an article recently that stated that 9 million people are receiving prescriptions for sleeping pills. This shows the true issue with healthcare in America. We want an instant solution and we do not want to do any work. We also do not consider that medication does not give us the same type of sleep natural sleep gives the body. The issue is why do we need to take pill to sleep...

    • ephraim-englemen1x1.jpg
      Ephraim Engleman

      For 63 years, Dr. Ephraim Engleman has held the same job. Now 100, he still sees patients three days a week and has no plans on cutting back. He shares his unorthodox secrets of longevity.

    • Jay-Conrad-Levinson1x1.jpg
      Jay Conrad Levinson

      The legendary advertising executive who coined the phrase "guerrilla marketing" describes why his nearly 30-year-old book is more relevant than ever. Plus, he shares how he's succeeded at only working three days a week from home, for 40 years!

    • Melody-and-Horse-4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Melody Pierson

      She's a mother, an equestrian, and a survivor. After a double-lung transplant, Melody Pierson says she's more motivated than ever to make the most of life. See what keeps her spirits so high!

    • DSC_4765.jpg
      Are you Fooled by these Fitness Marketing Tricks?

      We’ve all seen the infomercials: fitness equipment that works you out in only minutes each week. The model using the machine looks perfect and an actor endorses it. It’s on television, so it must work. In fact, I likely use it. So why am I going to tell you that you’ve been conned? The truth is, most of the fitness equipment out there is great – even if it looks like something from...

    • MissDazey Is Online
      Reconnecting With Co-Workers

      Sometimes the people we work with everyday become like family. That is very understandable since...

    • Steve Harvey JET Magazine 1 X 1
      51 and Feeling "Fly"

      Actor and comedian Steve Harvey says instead of feeling over the hill, he feels on top of it. But it took hard work, and a serious wakeup call. See how he is Growing Bolder, then share your stories of feeling "fly!"

    Viewing 1-10 of 17