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    • Marshall-Ulrich-3x4.jpg
      Marshall Ulrich

      For a man who has run over 100 marathons at least 100 miles long each and climbed to the top of all the seven summits of the world, it's hard to believe Marshall Ulrich was a bit of a coach potatoes until he was almost 30.

    • bart-yasso-cover1x1.jpg
      Bart Yasso

      As Chief Running Officer for Runner's World magazine, it's Bart Yasso's job to travel the world finding the most unusual and arduous races. His adventures and passion for the sport will inspire you to lace up your shoes, no matter what shape you're in.

    • Lou
      Traveling the Continent by Motorcycle

      Each year I go on a motorcycle adventure to somewhere on the North American Continent. I don't travel the main roads, but opt for the back roads and even dirt roads that criss-cross throughout our great country. This year my destination was Eastern Canada. After working my way up the East coast from Florida, I ended up in Bar Harbor, Maine., where I explored for a few days before hopping on...

    • Scott-Ludwig1x1.jpg
      Scott Ludwig

      He was a young man, sitting in front of a couch, beginning that all too familiar spread when he decided to work some pounds off by running. He went out for a run and he still hasn't stopped. That was 30 years ago.

    • Bob-Becker-4x3.jpg
      Crusade Against Cancer

      Bob Becker is doing whatever it takes to not only find a cure for prostate cancer, but to prevent other men from getting the devastating diagnosis.

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