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    • derrick cruise.jpg
      Managing Prostate Cancer

      Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a man, regardless of his age or the prior state of his health. For men diagnosed with prostate cancer, the news can be especially traumatic: worrying about how you’ll endure treatment and how you’ll pay for it, anxiety surrounding how the illness and treatment will affect your body, and planning for your...

    • derrick cruise.jpg
      Doing Your Part to Beat Breast Cancer

      One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime; one in eight. Each year, more than 200,000 American women are diagnosed with this condition. One hopeful aspect about breast cancer, however, is that earlier detection and better treatment methods are allowing more women to overcome cancer and enjoy many years of life after defeating their cancers. One such...

    • Wendy-Chioji-4x3.jpg
      Starting Over, Growing Bolder

      Wendy Chioji has been the face of Orlando news for 20 years. Her battle with breast cancer enlightened all women; her determination to help others was only equaled by her dedication to becoming a world-class athlete.

    • Shannon Brownlee
      Shannon Brownlee

      Do bottles crash down when you open your medicine cabinet? Respected and honored medical writer Shannon Brownlee says Americans are over-treated and that's making America sicker and poorer.

    • John-Robison16x9.jpg
      John Elder Robison

      John Elder Robison grew up in the '60s before anybody really understood what Asperger's is, yet he always knew something was different about him. As an adult, when both he and his son were diagnosed, he started a journey of education and discovery.

    • Growing Bolder

    • Wendy Booker
      Wendy Booker

      Rather than letting MS define her, Wendy Booker is defying the disease by climbing the world's 7 tallest mountains.

    • Three Months: A CaregivingJourney from Heartbreak to Healing
    • Wendy Booker
      Surviving and Climbing

      Rather than letting MS slow her down, Wendy Booker was motivated to become the first woman with the disease to conquer the world's seven summits.

    Viewing 1-10 of 72