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    • latenightmuserjpg
      From there to here - what a change

      It sometimes happens; I found myself in the food court of our local mall around lunch time. What better time for a slice of pizza and a diet coke. (They offset each other in my diet book). It was a weekday and school was still in session so the crowd, in general, was a bit older. It was mostly twenty five and older, evening split around age fifty five. As I sat there I watched those who where...

    • sangria1x1.jpg
      Susan Mitchell: Diet-Busting Drinks

      Are you drinking an extra meal every day? Registered dietician and Growing Bolder's nutrition expert Dr. Susan Mitchell explains how the drinks you're consuming may be sabotaging your diet.

    • sheri9.jpg
      ...But I feel fine...

      I haven't posted recently because my creativity is at zero. It's odd, because normally, I would think to myself: hey, something's not right here. My thought processes have slowed. But when your thought processes slow, you don't have those thoughts...and you don't know you're sick. So this week I came fairly close to death and didn't even know I was sick. Welcome to life with diabetes....

    • Cherie-Soreia 16x9.jpg
      Cherie Soria

      Are you listening to your body? If you listen carefully, Cherie Soria says you will discover your body is in crises. She teaches the world's greatest gourmet vegan chefs how to cook and now she's sharing her knowledge with us.

    • Dan-Buettner16x9.jpg
      Build Your Own Blue Zone

      How do your five best friends influence your health decisions? Does your city make activity and easy choice? Longevity expert Dan Buettner explains how these factors could be shortening the length of your life.

    • cancer-couple1x1.jpg
      Dr. Susan Mitchell: The Anti-Cancer Diet

      Experts estimate that one-third of the annual cancer deaths could be prevented with weight loss, exercise and a healthier diet. Registered dietitian Dr. Susan Mitchell offers simple tips for reducing your risk of cancer.

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      Unraveling the Mystery of Weight Loss

      If you try to stay current on the latest insights on weight loss, you quickly realize how multifaceted the issue is. Like a three-dimensional kaleidoscope, the picture is constantly changing. The following items provide insight into obesity as the new social norm, the impact of yo-yo dieting, one person’s 300-pound weight loss and the surprising success of virtual weight-loss programs:Is Obesity...

    • FH-H100Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Nutrition

      Florida Hospital Executive Vice President Des Cummings Jr. is sharing the secrets of living to a Healthy 100 in a new series of videos called Healthy 100 Minutes. Find out -- in three words -- the perfect way to eat.

    • Oleda-Baker-blue16x9.jpg
      The Hidden Dangers of Soda

      We all know that soda isn't good for us, but do you know how bad it actually is for you? And yes, we're even talking about diet sodas. Lifestyle and wellness expert Oleda Baker pops the bubble on carbonated soft drinks.


    Viewing 121-130 of 217