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    • Greg-Crawford16x9.jpg
      Cycling for a Cure

      Ask Greg Crawford what he did on summer vacation and you'll get a terrific story about a guy who knew he couldn't help find a cure for a rare children's disease in the lab so he created a way he could help -- by putting in 8 hours a day on a bike.

    • redwine.jpg
      Red Wine = Fountain of Youth?

      New research shows a substance in red wine may be the answer to all our aging problems. Experts say they're on track to develop medicine to add years on to life and take away some diseases along the way.

    • cherries1x1.jpg
      Dr. Susan Mitchell: 5 Foods to Save Your Life

      More and more, doctors are paying close attention to the levels of inflammation in your body, which has been linked to many common diseases. Registered dietician Dr. Susan Mitchell has five inflammation-lowering foods you should be eating now.

    • gloria.jpg
      Trying to Maintain

      I have had Fibromyalgia for over 55 years. I contracted it from a contaminated polio vaccine. Most of my life has been spent living with this disease although not much was known about it. About 20 years ago, I became disabled because of Fibromyalgia. I also have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a fatal anemia if not treated properly (which I do.)When my health first spiraled downhill, I was in my...

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.
      Oleda On...Living Younger Longer: PROCRASTINATION -- THE KILLER

      Procrastination ages you before your time...it can kill you! Its cure: Prevention.One of the worst “diseases” in the world isn’t a disease at all. Procrastination can very well speed up the aging process. Put things off long enough, and then wonder how you got older-looking so fast. Procrastination is the enemy of good health, good looks and good life. (Yes, I’ve got a few issues myself!)...

    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Choosing Health

      Your choices matter when it comes to health. It's not up to your doctors or the government. It's up to you and your family. Find out how to choose a healthy way of living and stop the trend of diseases.

    • marc-bittman1x1.jpg
      Mark Bittman: Eat Right to Save the World

      One of the world's most respected food writers says he can show you how simple adjustments to the way you eat can help you lose weight and help stop global warming.

    • Lois-Ann-Gilmore-1x1.jpg
      Lois-Ann Gilmore

      She says she just wanted to survive -- but after battling two potentially deadly diseases, Lois-Ann Gilmore is thriving. She says staying in shape helped her stay in the game, and now she's smashing records and proving that it's never too late.

    • Barry-Sears1x1.jpg
      Dr. Barry Sears

      Can dieting save your life? Dr. Barry Sears says the toxic fats that we put into our bodies are doing more than making us fat - they could be killing us.

    • Dr. John Langdon
      The roots of cancer

      Cancer does not "just happen". Cancer along with many other common diseases is not just a chance occurrence. There is a growing and unequivocal body of evidence supporting the concept that most common diseases are the result of complex interactions between a persons basic genetic heritage and multiple environmental factors. Over time it will be our goal to examine these...


    Viewing 21-30 of 50