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    • Deirdre Bair
      Deirdre Bair

      Award-winning biographer Deirdre Bair turns her attention to the growing trend of late-life divorces in her new book.

    • DessertLady.jpg
      How Sweet It Is

      A divorce left Patti Schmidt a single mom who needed a job. She wanted to cook, but the only opening she found was for a dessert chef -- her biggest weakness. She worked like a mad scientist until she baked a reputation as the Dessert Lady.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Divided holidays

      Thanksgiving recently passed and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Special holidays like those call for special celebrations with family and friends. Most my age (well into seniorhood), can recall holidays, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving when there was a gathering of family to celebrate the occasion. That was then; too often that doesn't happen in today's world. In my day, I never had...

    • Bill-Ferguson-1x1.jpg
      Bill Ferguson

      Bill Ferguson is a relationship guru and author who says it's never too late to reconnect with who you really are. After starting his career as a divorce attorney, Ferguson found fame as a lawyer who could take the conflict out of splitting up.

    • Rita-Golden-Gelman1x1.jpg
      Rita Golden Gelman

      Should high school seniors put off college for a year to go travel the world? That's what one woman, who has spent 24 years traveling the globe, thinks, and she's hoping to start a national movement.

    • Steve-Latshaw16x9.jpg
      Steve Latshaw

      Like many kids, Steve Latshaw dreamed of making movies when he grew up. But unlike other kids, it's a dream he never gave up on. Now in his 50s, he's just hitting his peak, working at a prolific pace writing screenplays and directing feature films.

    • Count Tommy
      Norine's New Life @80 - "I Now Pronounce You Husband and Wife."

      I watched an HBO documentary, “112 Weddings,” where photographer, Doug Block, revisits couples whose weddings he videotaped over the past decades. He discovered that some of his happy newlyweds had later gotten divorced, while others were flourishing as now loving families. He asked former brides and grooms, “When you got married, what did you think it was going to be? Most could...

    • Rings-and-Glasses.jpg
      Breaking Up is Easy to Do

      Another celebrity couple bites the dust -- so how can you make your marriage work when so many hit the skids?

    • Tracy-Stone1x1.jpg
      After Divorce, Woman Finds Inspiration in Rwanda

      Tracy Stone was at rock bottom. She was in the midst of a devastating divorce and struggling to find her way as a single mom. But then she felt herself drawn to the war-torn country of Rwanda and before she knew it, her life had changed forever.

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      34 Parenting Strategies to Help Kids in Complex Divorces

      Parents need agreement to protect kids in divorce People ending their marriage through divorce still have a responsibility to be good parents. These are key issues to discuss in the process of protecting your kids from experiencing more emotional pain. Map out your thoughts, and then work together with the other parent of your children to create a reasonable way to be effective as parents,...


    Viewing 1-10 of 77