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    • dragon-boat16x9.jpg
      Breast Cancer Survivors Tame the Dragon

      You've heard of the battle against breast cancer -- but how about the paddle? One of the fastest-growing team sports is bringing survivors and supporters together: dragon boat racing.

    • new-dragonboat16x9.jpg
      Warriors on Water

      Picture it -- 20 women, all breast cancer survivors, in a single dragon boat paddling as one. It's a statement about the power of faith and friendship. It's the art of Growing Bolder. It's one heck of good time.

    • Swat-Boat16x9.jpg
      Building Bridges

      Ten kids. Ten cops. One unlikely team. See what happens when at-risk teens and SWAT team members have to work side-by-side in one of Dragon Boat racing's biggest events.

    • dragonboat-shelly-lake16x9.jpg
      Enter the Dragon

      How long does it take to turn a good idea into a great program? Not long when great people combine forces with great organizations. What began as a weekend event for a few cancer survivors is now a year-round wellness program for an entire community.

    • WPFT-Nona-16x9.jpg (copy)
      Saving Lives, Changing Lives

      Women Playing For T.I.M.E. is more than a fundraising group -- it's an organization that changes lives and saves lives. See for yourself just how special this organization is.

    • andrea-eliscu16x9.jpg
      The Power of One

      Andrea Eliscu is a loving grandmother and successful businesswoman who volunteers her time, talents, and heart to make her community a better place. Now she's been nominated for the prestigious L'Oreal Women of Worth National Award.

    • Growing Bolder

    • dragon-boat22.jpg

    • morning-glory-pool.jpg
      Dragon Boat Festival

      Wow! You sure captured the International Dragon Boat Festival at WDW last weekend.What a great...


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