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    • DJ - me.jpg
      Old Yeller

      Wonder what Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out when he heard about Caster Semenya's private parts?...

    • Bill Hargrove
      Bill Hargrove

      Never let age stop you from anything! Bill Hargrove loved bowling and hit the lanes every week until his death at age 106. He was the oldest bowler in the world.

    • Muffins-4x3.jpg
      Fast Forwards -- Bran Muffins

      We all get funny messages in our e-mail inboxes. This one made us giggle, so we thought it might brighten your day, too!

    • latenightmuserjpg
      There are clues

      Several of my musings have dealt with seniordom as I call it. Although there is no precise definition of it, generally it is when you cross the age 65 line. The problem is that the crossing, the border that defines seniordom, is not a line drawn in the sand. It is, rather, a vague, ill-defined line that varies for each of us. In some cases we cross it but aren't willing to admit we are on the...

    • Bernie - The Ultimate Florida Gators Fan!!!
      Giving Up

      Now that I have officially been told that I do not live in my neighborhood’s historic district, that I’m simply on the fringes (the story of my life), I have completely lost focus; my life has no direction. I now sit barefooted on the back step and drink cheap beer all day while I wave at the homeless men who slouch around in the area. I even laughed and clapped when one of them threw a beer...

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      Steeped In Memories

      You know how a smell can trigger a memory? For me … Earl Grey tea is one of the most powerful smells around. Not because of the delicate herbs and spices -- but because Earl Grey smells like summer afternoons with my grandmother. Grandma Kathy was born in Australia, and came to the United States after marrying my grandfather. She and Grandpa Joe had two kids -- my uncle John, and my...

    • Team-Blu-Frog16x9.jpg
      How World Records Are Broken

      Motivated by the stories we do every week, GB CEO Marc Middleton got back in the pool for the first time in 35 years.Today, Marc is a member of Rowdy Gaines' Blu Frog Masters Team, and the Froggers have something to croak about.

    • Fitness.jpg
      9 Steps to Physical Fitness

      It's never too late to get in shape and the time to start is now. Step one is to consult with your doctor to get an exercise routine tailored to your needs and physical condition. Then follow these Growing Bolder Fitness tips.

    • Bernie - The Ultimate Florida Gators Fan!!!
      No More Chubby Cheeks

      Like many others, as the new year approaches, I have decided to make some major life changes. You...

    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      Another One Under Our Belts

      The most fun part of Christmas day is when you take one last, appreciative look at the pile of...


    Viewing 71-80 of 105