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    • IMG_5549.JPG
      Mission: Explore Europe in 2013 with ~Me~

      I have a "Dream" to back pack thru Europe. I would like to organize, plan & schedule a trip for all interested parties who have this same vision/dream. This "Dream" has been fermenting in my mind for a few years now. I have never been to Europe but I really want to "GO" and I began thinking maybe somebody else wants to do this too!I began doing some research and "know" that it takes about a year...

    • Tim-Gray1x1.jpg
      Tim Gray

      A lot of people are interested in World War II, but not many people can bring it to life in vivid new ways. Documentary maker Tim Gray is racing to tell the stories of the veterans who saved the world.

    • Mike-DeSenne16x9.png
      Mike DeSenne

      Retirement isn't what it used to be. It's not even WHERE it used to be. Forget Florida and Arizona; a growing number of retirees are looking overseas. An editor from Kiplinger discusses its list of 8 great places to retire abroad.

    • Joanie-Book-2-16x9.jpg
      Adventurers Against Their Will: By Joanie Schirm*

      In 1939, the world was erupting into violence and the Nazis were invading Czechoslovakia. Families were shattered and life or death decisions had to be made in an instant, an experience shared by author Joanie Schirm after an incredible discovery.

    • Mamy-Rock16x9.jpg
      Mamy Rock

      Her name is Ruth Flowers, but her legions of fans know her better as Mamy Rock. She's known all over the world for her work both behind the turntables and in front of hard-rocking crowds. Even in her 70s, she still just wants to dance!

    • Serving in Africa 2006
      Generational Bonding in Europe

      What better way to get a little closer to your teenage daughter than to trek across Europe her style! My daughter and I always wanted to see Europe, so for her high school graduation I thought it's now or never and booked a mini Eurotrip for just she and I. We had our own agenda that we wanted to see, so I decided not to use a travel agent or tour of any kind. We were going it on our own! We...

    • kpg final blue bkg wallet size flip.JPG
      Another Kind of Mummy: Bog Body

      Most of think of intricately wrapped Egyptian pharaohs when we heard the word mummy. I recently learned there are other types of mummies. For example, the “bog bodies” of northern Europe. For thousands of years these bogs (wetlands) have been the resting place for hundreds of ancient corpses. Due to the conditions of the bogs, highly acidic water, low temperatures and lack of...

    • camera.jpg
      Picture of the Day: June 6

      As dawn broke on June 6, 1944, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France in the largest single-day beach invasion in history - an invasion that began the liberataton of Western Europe from Nazi occupation.

    • Executive Producer Katy Widrick 2.jpg
      My "Vacation" To BarCamp

      It's hard to tear me away from the television on Sundays … football, you know … but this past weekend, I went to a unique event called BarCamp Orlando. It was billed as a get-together for techies, a chance for people to get together to share ideas, technology and more. Jackie, Bill, Marc, James and Pat also went (they're all GB Staffers … you can find their profiles on the site!), and...


    Viewing 1-10 of 36