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Items Related To Tag 'father'

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    • Tom Bosley
      Tom Bosley

      Tom Bosley is one of the greatest TV dads of all time. He played Howard Cunningham, Richie's father, on "Happy Days" and now he's a real life grandfather.

    • Hunter-Kemper-walk16x9.jpg
      Hunter Kemper's Message from the Heart

      Four-time Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper recently took a break from his training in Colorado to return to his hometown -- to take a walk. He reveals the health scare that inspired his father to drastically change his life and what you can learn.

    • Old Guys Rule
      Old Guys Rule

      Meet a surfer who just wanted to pay tribute to his still-surfing father with a bumper sticker with attitude. That little idea blossomed into a $6 million a year sportswear company.

    • latenightmuserjpg
      Dad - on Fathers' Day

      Taking a moment to digress from my typical musings, I wrote the following—less for others, though they may enjoy it, as I did for my own sake and for my son. Family is important. Although never a coal miner, I was born and raised in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area, the heart of hard coal mining, and I lived there until I was eleven years old. The following seven years were spent in...

    • justin-halpern1x1.jpg
      Justin Halpern

      After a bad break-up, 29-year-old struggling writer Justin Halpern moved home with his parents and started tweeting all the really funny and shockingly honest things his dad says. The result was the instant phenomenon $#*! My Dad Says.

    • Bob-Morris-3x4.jpg
      Bob Morris

      Most personal ads don't lead you to an 80-year-old widow and father. But then again, most 80-year-old fathers aren't enlisting the help of their sons in their dating exploits. Author Bob Morris' dad did, and it took him on a pretty wild ride!

    • Untitled.png
      A Man Who Loves So Much - My Dad

      My dad.... Caring, loving, and gives his heart to every person he comes across. He leads with his heart. Over the years, as a family we have endured pain, but something always shines through - the love. Family is everything... That is what my dad has taught me. My dad grew up with a single mom, he lost his father when he was 5 years old. It is hard to imagine losing a father that...

    • John-Robison16x9.jpg
      John Elder Robison

      John Elder Robison grew up in the '60s before anybody really understood what Asperger's is, yet he always knew something was different about him. As an adult, when both he and his son were diagnosed, he started a journey of education and discovery.

    • Brian-Brode1x1.jpg
      Brian Brode

      A father of four decided one day it was time to show his kids how to grow up living a healthy lifestyle. It was hard at first, but the man now known as the Tri-Boomer has never looked back.

    • Kenneth and Tyler Cooper
      Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Tyler Cooper

      His first major revolution came in 1968, when Dr. Kenneth Cooper coined the term "aerobics." Now, the preventive medicine leading authority has enlisted the help of his son, Dr. Tyler Cooper.

    Viewing 1-10 of 277