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    • Pam-Sain16x9.jpg
      Turning Pain Into Purpose

      Motivated by grief and compassion after her father died of esophageal cancer, one woman is making huge strides in the future of care for this frequently incurable form of cancer.

    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Reforming Healthcare

      The Healthy 100 program is doing something revolutionary. Find out how it's replacing the culture of treating diseases with hope, health and wellness.

    • Dee-Bennett16x9.jpg
      A Second Chance at Life

      Dee Bennett life was in crisis and it was going downhill fast. He urgently needed a double organ transplant. See how he not only survived this crisis, he's thriving in the aftermath and changing the ways other patients are treated.

    • Growing Bolder
      Bolder Broadcasting, Florida Hospital and WKMG Local 6 Partner for "Surviving & Thriving" Multimedia Project

      For the second season of Surviving & Thriving, Bolder Broadcasting is proud to announce a new multi-year, multi-platform partnership with Florida Hospital to share the stories of those who are surviving life's toughest struggles.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: Dec. 3, 2011

      It's never too late to make a change. See how you can start living a longer, healthier life today and how it's possible for one man to change the world around him. Plus, we catch up with a Monkee and soap star.

    • Watson-family16x9.jpg
      Childhood Cancer Survivor Changing Lives

      At the age of 14, Benji Watson was diagnosed with cancer. Even while he was still fighting cancer himself, he made a vow that when he got healthy, he'd return to the hospital to make a difference. See how he's done exactly that.

    • Alexis-Saire16x9.jpg
      Alexis Saire

      Osteoporosis is called the silent disease because it shows little or no symptoms, but it affects an alarming number of women. Florida Hospital's Alexis Saire explains what you need to know, how to protect yourself and what role fitness plays.

    • Cynthia-Buffington16x9.jpg
      Cynthia Buffington

      We've all heard the stories about the obesity epidemic, but do you really know just how much of an impact your weight can have on your long-term health? Cynthia Buffington, Ph.D., a cancer survivor, explains what you need to know about your risks.

    • Eli-Kim16x9.jpg
      Dr. Eli Kim

      Did you know the people you surround yourself can be just as important to your health as the air you breathe? Find out how to change your environment and start living a healthier, longer life.

    • Elyse-Mundelein16x9.jpg
      Surviving & Thriving Preview: The Fighter

      Despite having Down Syndrome, Elyse Mundelein has fought hard to achieve many accomplishments. She never expected to be in a fight for her life.

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