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    • The Ford Edsel
      Ford's Flop Finds New Fans

      In 1958, the Ford Edsel was supposed to revolutionize the automobile industry, but instead it became a historical mistake.

    • car-show-camero16x9.jpg
      Cars of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

      A century after Henry Ford invented the assembly line, the unthinkable is happening to the auto industry. See how the Big Three are trying to survive with the new models of today and a concept car of tomorrow.

    • Charlie-Brotman-binoculars16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: Charlie Brotman

      Charlie Brotman has what is arguably the most unique and coveted job in public announcing -- he's been the President's Announcer for 63 years. He shares stories from his historic career, including the time he was scolded by the Secret Service.

    • Bob Lutz
      Robert Lutz

      He's called "The Car Czar." Robert Lutz developed some of the biggest, baddest muscle cars in the world. He spent decades keeping major car companies in the black. Now, at the age of 75, he's determined to turn them green.

    • Rachel-Mercury16x9.jpg
      Romancing the Road

      This is an unusual love story involving an 89-year-old woman and her beloved Chariot. The two have been together for decades and traveled more than 540,000 miles across this nation's highways and side streets.

    • Rachel's-Last-Ride-16x9.jpg
      Rachel Veitch's Final Joyride With Chariot

      Her body broke down before her beloved car -- but 93-year-old Rachel Veitch wouldn't have it any other way. Come along as Growing Bolder joins the viral video star for her last ride in her Mercury Comet Caliente.

    • Charlie-Brotman16x9.jpg
      Charlie Brotman

      Charlie Brotman has one of the most unique -- and coveted -- jobs in public announcing. Since 1957, he's been the voice of every presidential inauguration. He shares some memorable stories and reveals why he's never been paid a dime.

    • JD-Power16x9.jpg
      J.D. Power

      He never designed an automobile and never even sold a single car, yet he's had as much impact on the auto industry as anyone over the last 50 years. Find out how J.D. Power's business got its start at his family's kitchen table.

    • 100_1665.JPG

      Though I'm a '42 Ford (Born Bettie Ford Feb 1942 in Allentown ,Pa. )my favorive car in our collection is our PINK '59 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. It putsa smile on people's faces traveling shows and getting 17 MPG!

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