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    • golf-cart-TIME16x9.jpg
      Women Playing For T.I.M.E.

      They reach out to others about breast cancer, and they've also raised millions for the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando. Find out what makes this event so unique and see how much fun making a difference can be.

    • Cathy-Gillaspie4x3.jpg
      The Eternal Gift of Dance

      Cathy Gillaspie's passing came far too soon, but she left a touching and powerful legacy through the students whose lives she guided and the infants whose lives she helped save.

    • Batchelor-Run16x9.jpg
      Run for the Children

      One of GB's favorite 5K runs is hosted by Dick Batchelor. Come along for a great event and check out three "legendary" racers who talk some smack about the younger runners.

    • Diana Purple Dress
      Clothes Off Diana's Back Saving Lives

      Just before her death, Princess Diana cleaned out of her closets to raise money for charity. Today, these gorgeous gowns are still saving lives.

    • Aging Superheroes
      Masters of Disguise

      Everyone from the president of the United States to Borat to some aging superheroes showed up at the 2007 Famous Faces Ball to benefit Shepard's Hope.

    • Sally-Kidd1x1.jpg
      Sally Kidd

      Veteran television reporter Sally Kidd is also a triathlete who is about to combine her passions for fitness, travel and adventure into a trek to Africa to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. And she's doing it for a great cause.

    • John-Casterline1x1.jpg
      Lung Cancer Survivor Hikes for a Cure

      Just surviving Stage 4 lung cancer would be enough for some, but John Casterline has a plan to make a difference. He's setting out on a 2,650-mile backpacking trek to raise money and awareness for one of the deadliest forms of cancer.

    • Marshall-Ulrich1x1.jpg
      Running on Empty: Marshall Ulrich's Story of Loss and Record-Setting Runs

      This is the story of a man trying to find himself and fighting through heartbreak. After the death of his wife, he found peace through running, and in turn, became one of the world's top endurance runners and adventurers.

    • Eric-Gelber1x1.jpg
      Eric Gelber

      Eric Gelber is on a one-man mission to eradicate an incurable cancer. He's so committed to the cause that he just completed a 44-hour, 155-mile run! Find out how much he raised and why he pushes his body to such extreme limits.

    • Wendy-Chioji-Hawaii1x1.jpg
      Wendy Chioji

      Growing Bolder TV show co-host Wendy Chioji is a hard woman to keep up with. We got Wendy to slow down just long enough to fill us in on some of recent exciting activities, including raising with Lance Armstrong in Hawaii and traveling to Japan.

    Viewing 21-30 of 47