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    • latenightmuserjpg
      Glory days

      I have mentioned in the past that I walk the beach few times a week sharing it with the seagulls and a few beach goers. When I do, I have my IPod on listening to music I enjoy. Yesterday was Bruce Springsteen (aka The Boss) day. Although I have listened to him in the past, yesterday I heard two consecutive songs that got me thinking. The first was Glory Days. I think it is hard...

    • Renee-Petrillo1x1.jpg
      Renee Petrillo

      Imagine making up your mind that you'd had enough and you were going to do that thing you'd always dreamed about before life got in the way. For Renee Petrillo, the "it" was dropping out of the rat race and dropping anchor somewhere else. So she did.

    • demetri martin.jpg
      Let the Passive Aggressive Games Begin!

      Doesn't it seem like everything these days is a competition? Here's what happens when you set up a competition for people who could care less about competing. It's the Passive Aggressive 800 Meter Race.

    Viewing 1-3 of 3