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    • latenightmuserjpg
      The woman in the GPS - from my book, Late Night Musings

      Most of my long distance driving consists of about a sixty mile, one way trip to Orlando, Florida. Other times it is driving in the local area. Neither requires a map for specific directions; I know where I’m going on those trips. However, this past month I drove to Charleston, SC to spend a pleasant four days with some high school classmates. I also had the unpleasant need to travel to...

    • gliders16x9.jpg
      Soaring to New Heights

      The best glider pilots in North America over the age of 55 gather for the Senior Soaring National Championships. Former fighter pilots and commercial airline pilots call soaring the greatest test of all.

    • Geocache-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: Geocaching

      It's a high-tech treasure hunt — letting you track down toys and other trinkets, using GPS codes and smartphones. Have you tried geocaching?

    • alice in grey_1.jpg
      Life Afte r50

      ALICE HORNBAKER SHOW ON AIR WMKV 89.3 FM WMKVFM.ORG INTERNET WMKVSHOW 3-11-13 Hello again. This is Alice Hornbaker for WMKV 89.3 FM and wmkvfm.org streaming my column “Life after 50” around the world on the Internet Mondays and Thursdays at 2:20 p.m. and Fridays at 8:50 am. And as a blog on growingbolder.com, Facebook and Linkedin.com. Like it or hate it, elders will...

    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      Midlife Purse Contents

      Let’s see...my purse contains things now that I most certainly did not need in my twenties...like my fan. When I get a hot flash, I have to have a fan. I have to have a fan IMMEDIATELY! Otherwise, I go into panic mode, stomping my feet, feeling skin-crawling anxiety with mood-changing hysteria until I have an apparatus that will create a mighty wind in my face. I’d lift my blouse,...

    • Roz-Savage-Book-Cover.jpg
      Day 93: The Fortune 500

      Roz Savage is a British ocean rower, author, motivational speaker and environmental campaigner....

    • avincent.jpg
      On the Road Again: Top Tech Gadgets for Boomers Who Love to Travel

      It’s no secret that many boomers like to use this time in their life to travel and see new places. Technology is helping make it easier for them, as boomers are becoming more comfortable using electronics than ever before. Here are five easy-to-use products to help seniors enhance their travel experience. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W570 Boomers will want to be sure to capture special...

    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      Nancy the Navigator...What a Bitch!

      Aside from being a wonderful sister and human being, Sal has problems with directions. She’s as dyslexic as the day is long. If I had a nickel for every phone call to me from her cell, hopelessly lost in the wrong part of town, turning right when she should have turned left, not noticing the skyline in her rearview mirror instead of ahead of her...I’d be Bill Gates rich!...


    Viewing 1-10 of 24