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    • Growing Bolder
      A Look Into the Not-Too-Distant Future

      What do healthcare leaders need to do to take advantage of the tremendous power of the Internet? GB CEO Marc Middleton and marketing guru Andrea Eliscu tackle the tough topic for the Healthcare Strategy Alert! magazine.

    • Peter-Weiss1x1.jpg
      Dr. Peter Weiss

      Could less healthcare make you healthier? Is our current healthcare system making you sick? That's the provocative idea Dr. Peter Weiss is proposing in his new book, "More Health, Less Care."

    • Carla-Ulbrich1x1.jpg
      Carla Ulbrich

      Carla Ulbrich considers herself a professional smart aleck. But when she was diagnosed with lupus, at first she didn't think it was so funny. Now, she's found that humor may really be the best medicine. Listen to her funny take on healthcare.

    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Choosing Health

      Your choices matter when it comes to health. It's not up to your doctors or the government. It's up to you and your family. Find out how to choose a healthy way of living and stop the trend of diseases.

    • Harris-Rosen16x9.jpg
      Harris Rosen's Prescription for America

      He's one of the nation's top tourism executives but his true legacy is how he's changing -- and saving -- the lives of thousands. Find out why he thinks his revolutionary healthcare and education programs can be done anywhere.

    • sheri9.jpg
      We're Headed for a Huge Doctor Shortage. Should You be Concerned?

      Experts warn that the U.S. will face a shortage of more than 100,000 doctors by 2020 unless measures are taken to prevent it. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recommended expanding medical programs by 30%, along with adding residency programs to accommodate the new doctors. Congress isn't listening, and House republicans want to put the blame on the Affordable Healthcare Act...

    • Jackie Silver 4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Jackie Silver

      She's aging backwards -- and boy, does she look good! Jackie Silver has a passion for helping others, and she's embracing all the high-tech tools that are available. See why she's still dreaming big.

    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Reforming Healthcare

      The Healthy 100 program is doing something revolutionary. Find out how it's replacing the culture of treating diseases with hope, health and wellness.

    • Shannon Brownlee
      Shannon Brownlee

      Health care. Two words that stir passions and causes discussions. Author Shannon Brownlee is one woman who believes health care in America needs fixing and she's taking it upon herself to make the change.

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