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    • H100-Min16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Minute: Reforming Healthcare

      The Healthy 100 program is doing something revolutionary. Find out how it's replacing the culture of treating diseases with hope, health and wellness.

    • Long Live the King!

      Arnold Palmer, the commoner who became "The King" of golf is now in his 80's and as passionate about life as ever. Considered one of the greatest and most charismatic golfers of all-time, Arnie's risk-taking style helped revolutionize the game. He pause

    • Meiners-bunny-16x9.jpg
      Some Bunny Loves You

      Sometimes, all it takes to make a difference is the spark of a good idea. Eleanor Meiner wanted to help her husband, Sam, remember some of the magic of his childhood Easters. Now, they're brightening the holidays of thousands of sick kids worldwide.

    • Palmer-Interview-Vol108.flv snap shot
      Happy Birthday, Arnold Palmer!

      Arnold Palmer, the commoner who became "The King" of golf, is celebrating his 80th birthday. He paused recently to talk to Growing Bolder about his greatest passion -- helping the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

    • Morgan-Freeman-4x3.jpg
      Academy Award-Winner Seriously Hurt in Crash

      Morgan Freeman is reportedly in serious condition after a car accident in Mississippi.

    • Farrah Fawcett.mp4 snap shot
      Farrah Fawcett Before She Was Famous

      Charlie's favorite Angel has lost her battle against cancer. Her heroic struggle and her willingness to go public won the admiration of many. Here is a glimpse of Farrah before stardom.

    • Field of Dreams

      John Wilson's story is straight out of Hollywood. It's a story of personal redemption and hope for us all; a story of struggle and triumph played out in jails, hospitals and finally -- on a baseball field.

    • Step Inside the Inflatable Colon

      Seriously. It's a strange way to get people speaking about the unspeakable -- and it's working. When we heard about the giant 20-foot inflatable super colon, we had to check it out. And now we're talking about it. Mission accomplished.

    • JackiePinkRobe.jpg
      Jackie's Funny Valentine

      As Jackie's unofficial pregnancy photographer, Marc documented every big moment here on GrowingBolder.com. So of course, after her birth, he grabbed his video camera and gave baby Elizabeth her first official GB closeup.

    • Meg-Yoga.jpg
      Confronting Cancer Part 1: Meet Meg

      Fit, feisty and full of life, Meg Gaffney is one more thing -- the face of breast cancer. The path Meg has chosen for treatment is not for everyone; in fact, she's doing something no one has done before. This is the first in a series of exclusive reports.

    Viewing 1-10 of 189