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    • latenightmuserjpg
      A true dog story - who could make this up?

      The following is a true story. A man in Jacksonville, FL has two brown boxers. A while back they escaped from their fenced-in back yard, started to roam around the neighborhood and A1A. They were gone for hours. Their owner searched all over and finally went to the local Humane Society and found his dogs. He identified the two boxers as his. He was told that he had to have proof that...

    • My cat is a candy bar
      My cat is a candy bar

      Her name Is *Snickers* and she is a bona fide member of the big, hairy Maine Coon breed. She doesn't actually "shed" cat hair as drop clumps of fur on much of the carpeting or sometimes a clump gently wafts across the linoleum in the kitchen.

    • Helen Thomas
      Helen Thomas

      Born: August 4, 1920
      Groundbreaking female journalist and bestselling author. Thomas has covered every U.S. president since John F. Kennedy.

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!

      THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BLACK CLOUD OVER THIS HEAD I’ve always been struck by the fact that I have consistently been extraordinarily lucky in my life. Quite the opposite of those who seem to go through life with a perpetual black cloud over their heads. I always achieved everything that I set out to do mostly through hard work and dedication, but I have also had more than my share of...

    • Bear Visit.JPE
      Cruelty-free Living

      The on-slaught of drug commercials, media frenzies and the like, promoting the state of ill...

    • laptop cut_out.jpg
      More Motivation

      The world is filled with doubters. Even men and women of vision have failed to understand a transformational idea. So, if you wonder why no one understands your vision -- this list of mind boggling quotes might make you feel a little better.

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