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Items Related To Tag 'hurdles'

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    • Brooks-Johnson-set16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: Brooks Johnson

      Runners and hurdlers from around the world travel to Florida to train with Hall of Fame Track and Field Coach Brooks Johnson. And at 80, he has no plans of slowing down. He explains how he's learned to live like a jazz musician by improvising.

    • Phil Raschker
      Philippa Raschker

      She's the greatest female athlete in the world over the age of 60, and some say she may be the greatest female athlete of all time.

    • Marc-Middleton-hurdles1x1.jpg
      GB's Marc Middleton Comes Off 40-Year Layoff to Take Bronze at USA Masters Track and Field Championships

      Just months after winning two individual national championships in US Masters Swimming and setting three world records with his BluFrog swimming teammates, Marc Middleton has placed third in the 2012 USA Masters Indoor Track and Field Championships.

    • Brooks-Johnson16x9.jpg
      Hurdling the Generation Gap

      With legendary coach Brooks Johnson's guidance, David Oliver is destined to become the greatest high hurdler of all-time. Together, they are rewriting the record books and proving the power of intergenerational relationships.

    • Liz-Palmer1x1.jpg
      Liz Palmer

      Liz Palmer has one message for you -- erase the phrase "I'm too old" from your vocabulary forever. She took that message to heart and returned to track and field after a 25-year layoff. She's now the fastest female sprinter over 50 in human history.

    • Kay Glynn1x1
      Kay Glynn

      After a 30-year layoff, this former college track star decided to get back into the competition. Did she ever! She's now 56, grandmother of three, and holder of many national and even a world record!

    • Flo Meiler
      Flo Meiler

      You think it's too late to pursue your dreams? Think again. Less than a decade after taking up the pole vault, Flo Meiler, 70, is the world record holder and she's tearing up the track records, too.

    • Joe-Johnson16x9.jpg
      Jumpin' Joe and the Joe Dome

      Joe Johnston may be one of the greatest masters pole vaulters of all-time and this may be one of the greatest masters track stories of all-time. Where else are you going to be amazed, have a laugh and learn the secret to life?

    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      Pole Vaulting Grandma

      Nobody has to tell me that I should be more active. Every study ever done confirms that if you hope to live longer and live better you simply need to keep moving. So why do I spend so many evenings riding the sofa? Sometimes I wonder if these amazing people we all meet here on Growing Bolder make things worse! I mean, I'm NEVER going to be anything like the amazing 70-year-old Sandy Scott! My...


    Viewing 1-10 of 12