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    • Aaron's Pics 001.jpg
      Is Life Really Worth It?

      I know my title is depressing. Yeah, yeah….it REALLY makes you want to read on, doesn’t it? It gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling. Right? But haven’t you asked that question at some point in your life? -When death takes someone dear -When we don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills -When...

    • Three Months: A CaregivingJourney from Heartbreak to Healing
      When the World Shrinks to Just One Room

      “Sometimes all we need is a little pampering to help us feel better.” —Linus of Peanuts Fame One of the harshest realities of a life threatening illness is how drastically the world changes. And it can happen so quickly. One month you are celebrating the holidays in the Lone Star State, and the next month you are sitting in a hospital room wondering what a test will reveal. For a...

    • Brian-Gerri-Monaghan.jpg
      Gerri and Brian Monaghan

      Together, this couple faced two battles: Brian's melanoma and the health-care system. After surviving both, they're sharing their tips for winning with an attitude.

    • richard-davidson1x1.jpg
      Dr. Richard Davidson

      One of the world's top minds on all things spiritual and mental has tips to help you train your own mind to change your life for the better.

    • Powerful Tips for Handling Change

      When you think about it, most of us never have two days exactly the same. Life evolves, and unfolds with a series of new adventures and challenges each day. But changes make life interesting and successes are even sweeter when you’ve had setbacks. However, life-changing events that bring on worry and stress can play havoc with our health. Should we avoid changing too much about our life or...

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.
      Oleda On...Living Younger Longer: THE POWER OF ANTIOXIDANTS!

      Antioxidants!! The defense against Free-Radical damage to all cells in our bodies. Antioxidants protect cells from oxidation and deterioration by neutralizing the destructive molecules, known as oxidants or oxygen-free radicals....better know this to stay youthful!! Free radicals attack healthy cells to stabilize their lack of an electron. Free radicals are a natural by-product of the body...

    • john-crowley1x1.jpg
      John Crowley

      His extraordinary quest to save his children's lives inspired a movie starring Harrison Ford, and John Crowley says the exposure will help him save many more lives.

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Depression Awareness Guide with Positive Action Steps

      Depression warning signs & understanding what to do about it A special report from Dwight Bain & the LifeWorks Group of Counselors Recently the Associated Press reported that long-time TV journalist Dick Cavett, struggled with clinical depression for decades. This is amazing because at the height of his career, he was more popular than Larry King and Regis put together. He described his...

    • 4160333,00003,orig_1704_26-POD.jpg
      Three Ideas That Thwart Solutions to the Medical Care Crisis

      The medical delivery system is under pressure to provide quality health care despite these dire trends: reduced access because of the closing of community hospitals and low-cost clinics staggering increases in the cost of drugs, medical treatment and insurance, an increasing reluctance of HMO’s to refer patients to specialists, and a dramatic increase in the number of uninsured, now...


    Viewing 51-60 of 85