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Items Related To Tag 'injury'

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    • Codutos 16x9.jpg
      Angelo and Brian Coduto

      Brian Coduto says "It sounded like a shotgun" when he tore knee ligaments on the soccer field. In an instant he thought his college scholarship and promising soccer career was over. But then he met the doctors at Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic.

    • Headshot.jpg
      When An Elderly Loved One Takes A Tumble

      When you’re over the age of 65, a little fall can do more damage than most people realize. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury-related hospital admissions among this age group. However, an injury is only one of the many possible consequences arising from a fall. Let’s start by looking at a few facts from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Falls are the...

    • genericprofile-pool.jpg
      Maintaining your independence after an illness or injury

      After a fall, injury, stroke or other medical challenge, you might feel sidelined from life. You may wonder how you’ll cook meals, travel with your family or stay active in your social groups. Practical solutions allow you to maintain your independence, especially if you experience a change in mobility or physical strength. How to maintain your independence at home At home, you...

    • Extreme vacations: How to stay safe during adventure activities

      Parasailing, mountain-biking and hot-air ballooning appeal to thrill-seeking travelers, even though these activities carry some risk of injury. But despite news stories every year about tragic accidents, the adventure travel industry continues to grow and is an $89 billion industry, worldwide. If you’re one of those people who prefers bungee jumping to lounging on the beach, you can...

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.

      Even if you go to a fancy nail salon it’s no guarantee you nails will be strong and healthy…strong and healthy starts at home. Many people say they’re having serious problems with their nails . . . some even have problems when keeping their nails short. You will learn here how to take care of the top surface of the nails, as well as the nutrition it takes to develop strong healthy nails....

    • Amy Korn-Reavis
      Sleep and the Amateur Athlete

      Fitness is an important part of change in a person’s health. In order to minimize injury and to obtain the optimal benefit to your hard work proper sleep is absolutely necessary. When you exert your body it is important for your recovery to make sure you are getting enough sleep. During the night you go through different stages of sleep. Your body goes through different stages of...


    Viewing 41-50 of 75