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Items Related To Tag 'intergenerational'

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    • Girl-Scouts-16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: "I Can't Wait To"

      Do you want to get back to an organization that you loved as a child while building some incredible intergenerational relationships? As Growing Bolder's Laura Ojeda found out, Girl Scouts is looking for new volunteers.

    • masters-swim-meet16x9.jpg
      Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic

      We dig masters swimming. Men and women of all ages compete with those of equal ability but against those in their own age group. Dive into this story and discover why it's quickly becoming one of the world's great intergenerational activities.

    • Robert Bell
      Robert "Kool" Bell

      Listing off Robert "Kool" Bell's awards could take forever. But he and his group, Kool & The Gang, don't seem to be going anywhere. Ten years after their last album, they've expanded the band 12 and added an intergenerational touch to their music.

    • Bob-Morris-3x4.jpg
      Bob Morris

      Most personal ads don't lead you to an 80-year-old widow and father. But then again, most 80-year-old fathers aren't enlisting the help of their sons in their dating exploits. Author Bob Morris' dad did, and it took him on a pretty wild ride!

    • puppet-show16x9.jpg
      Hey, Your Nose is Growing!

      There are very few full-time marionette theaters in the country. One of these theaters is dedicated to keeping the vanishing art alive. See why they believe puppetry is not only still relevant but even more necessary in these high-tech times.

    • Garden Theatre.jpg
      Curtain Up on Theater's Future

      Bert and Barbara Roper remember when movies cost a quarter, and Friday nights were spent at the theater. Decades later, the Ropers are celebrating the future by renovating the past, and the curtain is up on a new dream.

    • Motocross-Veterans-still-1.jpg
      The Veterans of Motocross

      It's the ultimate motorized highwire act, requiring lightning-fast reflexes, incredible strength and stamina, and nerves of steel. For decades, motocross has been a young man's extreme sport. It's still extreme, but suddenly there's gray hair everywhere.

    • Seaplane-16x9-2.jpg
      Bill Booth: Exclusive Access

      Bill Booth is an inventor, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He's built an amazing life around doing what he loves.

    • Snowboarder
      Donna Vano

      Snowboarder Donna Vano says you're never too old to kick a little butt.

    • Betty-Lopez1x1.jpg
      Betty Lopez

      "I want to keep going until I can't go anymore," says Betty Lopez, and that's exactly what she's doing. Find out why she went back to her colleges in her 80s and graduated -- with honors -- with a bachelor's in paralegal studies!

    Viewing 1-10 of 45