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    • santa-claus.jpg
      Hangin' At Santa's Summer Crib

      Before Santa Claus headed north for the winter, he invited Growing Bolder into his summer house in Florida to show us how Christmas is a year-round job for him.

    • Hubbard-House-16x9.jpg
      The Real Mother Hubbard

      Peggy Smith is strong, sensitive and a survivor. You'd have to be all three, when you are on the job 24 hours a day and when the job is also home.

    • Dating After 50, Sharon Romm
      Dr. Sharon Romm

      Noted psychiatrist and author Sharon Romm, M.D., says mid- to late-life daters should approach dating the same way they would tackle a job search.

    • art-markman16x9.jpg
      Art Markman

      Have you ever failed to follow through on a goal or a resolution, such as to lose weight, get a better job or stop smoking? Of course you have. We all do. Find out how 5 tools can help you effectively make changes that will stick.

    • DessertLady.jpg
      How Sweet It Is

      A divorce left Patti Schmidt a single mom who needed a job. She wanted to cook, but the only opening she found was for a dessert chef -- her biggest weakness. She worked like a mad scientist until she baked a reputation as the Dessert Lady.

    • Elaine Beaubien
      Elaine Beaubien

      What if you could keep your day job while fulfilling your fantasies? Wisconsin professor Elaine Beaubien is doing exactly that.

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Do you have a DAY job or are you living a DREAM job?

      Day job? – or – Dream Job? A career mapping strategy to create positive change By Dwight Bain, Certified Life Coach and Nationally Certified Counselor Most people don’t realize that we actually spend more hours of our life working than any other single activity. That’s why it’s more important than ever to know where you fit in your career, because if you are drifting...

    • Linnda-Durre1x1.jpg
      Linnda Durre

      These days you can't just pick up and leave a job if you don't like it. Renowned mental health counselor has tips to help you survive and thrive in toxic workplaces.

    • Donna-Moore-and-Friends.jpg
      "Pet"ting it All on the Line

      She had a successful career and could have sat back and let life pass her by. But Donna Moore had a dream and risked it all to follow through -- quitting her job and starting a new company that's really gone to the dogs.

    • Michael-Gates-Gill1x1.jpg
      Michael Gates Gill

      After losing his career, his wife and his health, he thought his life was over. That all changed when he walked into a Starbucks.

    Viewing 1-10 of 384