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    • Liberty Devitto
      Liberty Finds Life After Billy Joel

      He was the heartbeat behind just about every hit the piano man ever recorded. Billy Joel went another direction and so did Liberty DeVitto. What he found was a rekindled passion for his craft.

    • Summer of Love, Joel Selvin
      Summer of Love, Joel Selvin

      Summer of Love, Joel Selvin

    • Joel Selvin
      Joel Selvin - Celebrated Rock Journalist

      He was the music journalist for the San Francisco Chronicle when Hendrix, Joplin and Jefferson Airplane hit the scene. He came through Summer of Love alive and enlightened. What went wrong in the '60s? What was cool? Joel Selvin tells it like it was!

    • Liberty-DeVitto-drums16x9.jpg
      Liberty Devitto

      For more than 30 years, Liberty DeVitto was the driving force and the beat behind Billy Joel. Now, in his 60s, he's banging the drum of starting anew, of reinvention and staying relevant.

    • Summer Of Love
      Joel Selvin

      Music critic Joel Selvin looks back at the Summer of Love and examines its legacy.

    • joel-grey1x1.jpg
      Joel Grey

      Joel Grey is one of those rare actors to score the show business hat trick by winning a Golden Globe, an Oscar and a Tony. Find out why he launched a new career in his 70s and what he can teach you about taking pictures with your cell phone!

    • liberty-devitto1x1.jpg
      Liberty DeVitto

      He was the creative force on Billy Joel's biggest hits, so why did they part ways after 3 decades? And was Liberty able to find life after the Piano Man?

    • Bobby-Breen1x1.jpg
      Bobby Breen

      In the 1930s, Bobby Breen was one of the busiest actors and most famous child stars around. Between '36 and '39, he starred in seven films for RKO Studios and his famous soprano voice made him an instant star. Find out what's he up to now.

    Viewing 1-10 of 16