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Items Related To Tag 'life'

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      A Call to Adventure - The Movie

      Hey Guys; Last year at age 67, I was emboldened to try something new (bicycle touring), and as a result I came across more interesting and stimulating people in the four months of riding atop a bicycle, than I had in my entire past ten years combined. Would you be interested in being part of something bigger, something that you and your counterparts will want to follow along day by...

    • Socially Connected and Feeling Lonely ?

      By: Brian M Murray, MS, IMH “It sometimes takes a state of solitude to bring to mind the real power of companionship.” -Stephen Richards… A woman is married for 18 years has 3 children, active at her church and involved with a women’s small group two times a month. She goes home, sits in front of the computer and logs onto a social network. Looking around she notices all of the...

    • kombizz
      My name is kombizz kashani.

      I was born and brought up in Iran, a beautiful country full of history. I started taking photos...

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      The Growing Bolder Radio Show: June 12, 2010

      From physical to spiritual transformations, the Growing Bolder Radio Show will prove it's never too late to change your mind, body and spirit. Stop making excuses and get ready to start Growing Bolder.

    • Nancy Norstromv.2.jpg
      A New Job

      Early in 1999 I took yet another, seemingly small step, but one that would lead to even bigger changes. I put an ad in my local neighborhood paper looking for women to form a walking group. Struggling with my own weight, I needed walking support and what better way than by gathering a group of women together? That ad drew a nice response and we were off! Over the next few months we...

    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      Bird Lady of Altamonte Headed For Heaven

      Ann Young died. And if you listen very close you can tell. Songbirds aren't singing quite as sweet. She was the best friend wild birds ever had. Thousands owe her their lives. Thousands more won't survive now that she's gone. She was known as the Bird Lady of Altamonte Springs. For over two decades she dedicated her home, her love, and her life to taking care of injured and...

    • Irongeezer & Irongeezelle Eggink
      Trick or Treat

      Trick or Treat? By Tatjana “Irongeezelle” Eggink & Cliff “Irongeezer” Eggink Since October is the month of Halloween, Irongeezelle thought it might be apropos to provide a mixed bag of morsels, most tasty and most foul: News bites, sound bites, thought bites. You name it. What they have in common is that they are all non-fattening, even while some are frighteningly decadent, and...

    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      So, You Think You Can Dance?...oh Yeah!

      Have you ever watched the television show, So You Think You Can Dance? I could write a whole...

    • Rachel-Signs-Up-16x9.jpg
      Reality Bytes: Rachel Joins GB

      RachelV is not only an international Internet sensation, she's one of the newest members of Growing Bolder! This 90-year-old whose love for cars and America has people talking shows how easy it is to sign up for a GB profile.

    Viewing 2261-2270 of 2838