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    • JustPLainWill-4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Will Cantrell

      At 60 years old, Will Cantrell is trying to launch a brand new career. No matter what happens -- he'll be laughing. And he hopes you will be too!

    • The Joy/Pain of Time Trialing!!
      My Retired Greyhound Kitty Was Interviewed by the Tampa Tribune

      Pets and Their People: Love at First Sight for Two Retired Runners Posted by Kris DiGiovanni Published: January 10, 2009 (First in a weekly series about interesting pets and the people they own) Today I’m interviewing a retired racing Greyhound, WJS Kittyhawk, who owns Sandy Scott, a retired cross-country racer and champion cyclist. Me: So, Kitty… May I call you Kitty?… I...

    • Dena Stewart
      Holidays, Dinners and Thanks???

      It was the worst holiday weekend. It was the best holiday weekend. We were finally coming to the end of what for me was a pivotal year that began New Year’s Eve 1972.It had snowed Christmas Eve. One week later, the beautiful carpet of glistening white flakes was a combination of slippery ice and grayish-brown slush. Walking was hazardous. Driving was insane. Besides, who needed a big loud party...

    • Marc Middleton.jpg
      It's About Attitude and You Need to Get it

      Hi. I'm Marc and I'm 56. That's right. You heard me. After reaching a certain age, an admission of age can become difficult. Over the last few years, discussions of my age have been greeted with, "Really? Wow, you don't act like it." Or, "Really? Wow!" - followed by an uncomfortable moment of silence. I get these reactions because we live in an ageist society. I get these reactions because...

    • Dr. John Langdon
      You Survived

      You are a cancer survivor from the day you are diagnosed. We are on track to see nearly 11 million cancer survivors emerging from their treatment in the not too distant future. It could not be a more exciting and hopeful time for cancer patients. At any given time countless well established and effective treatments are being supplemented by 100's of new clinical trials destined to further...

    • 3 figures horizontal.jpg
      Obesity - Wake Up Call - We are Torturing Our Bodies and Our Minds

      Obesity – Wake Up Call – We are Torturing Our Bodies and Our Minds How many Americans listen to the statistics on obesity and ignore t he reports. They know they are in that group defined as obese and yet they ignore the warnings. Obesity is a medical concern. We, as fitness professionals, must put this in simple terms for our clients. Nuts and bolts, the circumference of our waist...

    • Deedra_sm.jpg
      Two Voices Separated by 1 Generation

      FOR EVERY SEASON TURN, TURN, TURN My last posting with the Growing Bolder community was...

    • Bobby Goldsboro
      Bobby Goldsboro

      After putting his other passions on the back burner for more than 20 years, legendary singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro started growing bolder and taking chances with his life and career and started painting.

    • lisa-oz1x1.jpg
      Lisa Oz

      Acclaimed health and wellness expert Lisa Oz can teach you how to harness the power of good relationships and improve your entire life.

    Viewing 2261-2270 of 2965