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    • Robbie-Ellis1x1.jpg
      Robbie Ellis

      Art lovers may know Rob Elowitch as the head of an upscale New England gallery but wrestling fans around the country know him as Robbie Ellis, the sexiest sexagenarian super-stud in wrestling.

    • Debbie Stevens
      Go ahead...make my bed!

      Go ahead, make my bed I can tolerate most household chores, with the exception of one or two tasks, but am I really alone?? When my children were mere tiny-tots, the daily routine never bothered me nor interfered with my lifestyle. I definitely had alot more energy AND time! A complete contrast to the life I lead today-allow me to set the scene: Wife [still] mother of two...

    • harold-garde-gallery16x9.jpg
      His Moment to Shine

      For decades, Harold Garde painted at night after returning from his day job. Respected by the art community, Garde never achieved the kind of widespread critical and commercial success that many thought he deserved. Until now.

    • Eileen-Kisailus-3x4.jpg
      Eileen Kisailus

      Any mother, grandmother, wife or woman can attest to the changes going on through their body as they age. For Eileen Kisailus, she used her understanding of a woman's hormones to create a business that caters to just that.

    • NEW-Rachel-16x9.jpg
      Gun Totin', Flag Wavin'

      America demanded more. Viewers wanted to know why Rachel carries a gun? Is Chariot OK? What does she love most about America? Here are the answers.

    • Powerful Tips to Avoid a Burnout

      Do you feel burned out from doing something over and over again that makes you feel exhausted? Maybe you’ve grown tired of being the one who is constantly organizing social events for your friends or you’ve grown weary of being the only person who volunteers at the local library on weekends or you’re feeling exhausted from getting stuck with being the treasurer for a community group...

    • Linnda-Durre1x1.jpg
      Linnda Durre

      Could stress at work be hurting your relationships at home? Learn how to survive a toxic workplace from one of the nation's top psychotherapists.

    • The Scenic Family Vacation 077.jpg
      A Great Inspirational Poem

      Don't Quit by: Unknown AuthorWhen things go wrong as they sometimes will, When the road you're...

    • Ina 29 juli 2011.jpg
      A funeral

      The last summerlike day it was, when we walked behind the hearse to the graveyard to burry my...


    Viewing 2261-2270 of 2927