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      To Live Long, Keep Moving!

      A study of 9,000 men and women in Australia found that being a little overweight didn’t impact mortality. The groups that were most likely to die were persons who were underweight or obese. However, the amount of exercise a person engaged in, rather than what the scale read, was the most critical factor in determining longevity. Women who had a sedentary lifestyle had twice the mortality risk of...

    • H100-Villages16x9.jpg
      Rewriting the Rules of Aging

      For the first time in human history, men and women in their 50s can expect another three, four or even five decades of active life. See how your lifestyle choices can lead to a longer, healthier, happier life.

    • Roy Sugarman
      Roy Sugarman

      Dr. Roy Sugarman is one of world's foremost experts on maintaining and improving brain function as we age. Get smarter now

    • Pilar Gerasimo
      Pilar Gerasimo

      Five years ago Pilar Gerasimo took a lifestyle and turned it into Experience Life magazine. Now she has 600,000 people reading her ideals.

    • Roger-Landry16x9.jpg
      Roger Landry

      We used to think that living a long life was kind of a fluke, that if you made it to a ripe old age, it was part genetics and a lot of luck. We thought wrong. A top longevity researcher explains how YOU have the power to determine your lifespan.

    • Steve-Franklin16x9.jpg
      Steve Franklin

      What can centenarians teach you about healthy aging? EVERYTHING! Former college professor Steve Franklin has interviewed more than 500 people 100 and older and shares the three principles you can start adapting NOW to live longer, better.

    • Dan-Buettner16x9.jpg
      Dan Buettner

      How do your five best friends influence your health decisions? Does your city make activity and easy choice? Longevity expert Dan Buettner explains how these factors could be shortening the length of your life.

    • Anti-ager Oleda Baker: CEO Oleda & Company, Inc.
      Oleda On...Living Younger Longer: IS IT GENES OR LIFESTYLE?

      As you know I have “preached” that Everyone Has a Choice Of Living and Looking Younger All Their Lives. So, opening my big mouth, I have now been asked to reveal some of what I do specifically to achieve these goals since I’ll soon turn 79 in August. Remember, it depends a great deal on attitude and stick-to-itiveness. More people are living to a healthy 100 years today than ever before...

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      Wood Flooring Options During Home Improvement

      Home improvement in many cases is a lifestyle choice that people choose to take. The aim is to improve the look of your interior décor often hand in hand with improving accessibility and smart use of space. Seniors so it seems are particularly fond of home improvement as a result of spending more time at home now that work commitment is replaced with more leisurely interests. One of the...

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      Life After 50

      ALICE HORNBAKER “Life After 50” column ON AIR wmkvfm.org and WMKVFM. 89.3 FM/Cincinnati 3-5-12 Hello again. This is Alice Hornbaker for wmkv 89.3 fm and wmkvfm.org streaming around the world in the Internet Mondays and Thursdays at 2:20 p.m. and Fridays at 8:50 a.m. and as a blog on growingbolder.com under blogs/life after 50/ajhornbaker and...


    Viewing 1-10 of 185