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    • Mark-Victor-Hansen1x1.jpg
      Mark Victor Hansen

      He's inspired millions of people around the world to follow their passions with his best-selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series of books. Find out how Mark Victor Hansen is doing his best to get America back on track.

    • Molly-Conole16x9.jpg
      Passing on the Passion for Learning

      Molly Conole believes she's found the secret to staying energetic, enthusiastic and curious. She says her job as a children's TV show host opened her eyes to a message that applies to us all.

    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      NASCAR Racing's Outrage

      It really is an outrage. NASCAR continues to enjoy so much success while the men who helped build it continue in obscurity. Have you ever heard of the Living Legends of Auto Racing Museum? Ray Fox? Russ Truelove? How about Mad Marion McDonald? They were the pioneers of the sport we love today. They paid the price for what we enjoy. McDonald raced on the beach in Daytona starting in 1937....

    • Aaron's Pics 001.jpg
      "Paradigm of Performance: A Value system with No Value"

      Where do you find value? How do you know that you’re important in this world? What makes you feel special? Do you even feel valuable? These are important…no, essential questions that we must ask ourselves because the answers to these questions will determine how much impact we will make on our world. It’s true…the answers to these questions directly tie into our sense of...

    • Aaron's Pics 001.jpg

      Oh, how things can change. Maybe it’s all in my head but I am noticing a dramatic shift in parent/child conflict lately. It used to be that I would work with teenage guys and their big issue would be with a demanding and overbearing father. The common problem was that their dad was always wanting to control them and was in their business all the time and that these boys never could live up to...

    • sheri9.jpg
      Diets are Hogwash. Don't waste your money.

      The diet industry is huge. More than 40 billion is spent every year in the U.S. alone. Why? Because we want a magic bullet. We have tried everything and we continue to hope that the next diet fad, whatever it is, will be the thing that speaks to us, that sparks our weight loss and keeps us motivated. Is it going to work? no. It's hooey. Balderdash. Snake oil. Here's how I know. Every diet book,...

    • jennifer-field16x9.jpg
      Mind Over Matter

      She wasn't breathing when she was rescued from her mangled car. Doctors held out little hope of recovery. That was then. Wait until you see Jennifer Field now!

    Viewing 621-630 of 758