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    • Rachel-Mercury16x9.jpg
      Romancing the Road

      This is an unusual love story involving an 89-year-old woman and her beloved Chariot. The two have been together for decades and traveled more than 540,000 miles across this nation's highways and side streets.

    • marc-rachel-chariot16x9.jpg
      Life's Odometer: Smiles Per Gallon

      Is she still going strong at nearly 91? Is her beloved "Chariot" still going strong at well over half-a-million miles? We just had to know if GB favorite Rachel Veitch and her classic car are still racking up the mileage.

    • gary-david-goldberg1x1.jpg
      Gary David Goldberg

      The television icon traveled from near poverty in Brooklyn to the top of the heap in Hollywood. And he made it with the same woman by his side!

    • Bernie - The Ultimate Florida Gators Fan!!!
      Hazel Brooks

      As I got up to leave, she said: “I wish we had known each other when we were younger. I think we would have been the best of friends.“ Her name is Hazel Brooks and she is 80 years old. We sat next to each other on my recent flight from Grand Junction, Colorado to Dallas. I had been up since 2:00 am and had planned to sleep, but she and I ended up talking the whole 3 hours. She told me she...

    • Bernie - The Ultimate Florida Gators Fan!!!
      My Boyfriend's NOT Back

      After Rudy Guiliani cheated on his wife and they divorced, she wrote a best-selling book titled My Boyfriend’s Back. I don’t mean to be a copycat, but I’m kind of, sort of, writing the same book. Mine is titled My Boyfriend’s NOT Back, and I Don’t Know Where The Hell He Went. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas on how to find him. I did the obvious google-his-name thing, and may have...

    • GB50.jpg
      The GB Top 50

      It's the unofficial playbook for life.

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