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    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      Movin' On UP! Don't Lose Faith

      The Midlife Gals are now writing for MORE Magazine online!We've been asked (among a select handful of writers) to contribute weekly essays on the newly revamped More website, and now it's LIVE!  We're tickled pink and full of creative ideas for...

    • Pam East
      Pam East

      Pam East is a Metal Clay jewelry artist and teacher. She writes for Art Jewelry Magazine, Metal Clay Artist Magazine and several other publications. Her book, Enameling on Metal Clay, is available through Amazon.

    • GB Magazine covers16x9.jpg
      What Sets GB Magazine Apart

      Growing Bolder Magazine is unlike any other publication out there. Each and every page is full of stories that will inspire you and give you hope about the possibilities in life.

    • Pilar Gerasimo
      Pilar Gerasimo

      Five years ago Pilar Gerasimo took a lifestyle and turned it into Experience Life magazine. Now she has 600,000 people reading her ideals.

    • Pilar Gerasimo.jpg

    • Me in Microsoft exhibit at AARP Boston 2007
      It isn't easy Going GREEN

      Global Warming - or - Global Warning! I say it's time for everyone to step up to the plate and make a difference on our own. We can't afford to wait on politicians to decide our fate. (Especially when it seems the powers that be can't even agree on the definition of "what is" is)! Here's a very cool online magazine that has tons of ideas that we can all use to make a difference NOW....

    • Me in Microsoft exhibit at AARP Boston 2007
      AARP Magazine - Medication Reminders R US!!!

      Back in June of 2007, at the Mary Furlong Business Plan Competition in Silicon Valley, I met Susan Ayers Walker, the Technology writer for AARP. She is a very energetic and tech savvy lady. She liked what we're doing with our OnTimeRx Medication Reminders for phones and email, and said she was going to write about it for the AARP online Technology column. How COOL is that!! Well, she wasn't...


    Viewing 21-30 of 136