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Items Related To Tag 'making A Difference'

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    • marc-rowdy-lucky16x9.jpg
      Rowdy Gets Lucky. Actually, Lucky Gets Rowdy.

      Dr. Lucky Meisenheimer is the P.T. Barnum of masters swimming. Completing Lucky's Lake swim is now nearly as cool as crossing the English Channel. If Lucky wants you to swim, eventually you will. Just ask Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines.

    • margaret-trost1x1.jpg
      Margaret Trost

      A chance trip to one of the poorest countries in the world turned a grieving widow into someone who is making a difference in the lives of thousands.

    • Andy-Engert16x9.jpg
      Andy's New Bike

      Andy was born with fetal alcohol syndrome 40 years ago. His adoptive and loving parents have always encouraged him to get involved in life and he has. He has a job and gets all around town on his beloved bicycle. So, imagine his despair when it was stolen

    • Grandpa Walter_VP6_512K_Stream.flv snap shot
      Grandpa Walter

      At the age of 90 he volunteered to mentor hearing-impaired children. He soon became an indispensable part of their lives. This Growing Bolder story proves you're never too old to make a difference!

    • ginger16x9.jpg
      True Stardom in Unexpected Places

      Ginger loved to sing, so at mid-life she took a risk and decided to become a full-time performer. She just never expected her music to strike a chord with the audience it did.

    • Virginia Ferrigno16x9.jpg
      Whacking Away at All Obstacles

      They sure don't make them like Virginia Ferrigno anymore. How many weed-whacking, blunt-talking, active-living 85-year-olds do you know?

    • Cathy-Gillaspie4x3.jpg
      The Eternal Gift of Dance

      Cathy Gillaspie's passing came far too soon, but she left a touching and powerful legacy through the students whose lives she guided and the infants whose lives she helped save.

    • Julia-Sanchez16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder is Volunteering

      We hear it all the time. Volunteers get paid in satisfaction and that's something money can't buy. Julia's retirement isn't what she imagined. It's better. Long hours and hard work never felt so good.

    • Victoria Petrucelly16x9.jpg
      Making a Difference

      Staying active can keep you physically and socially engaged, adding quality to your life. But for more and more of us, that's just not enough. Leaving a legacy and finding a way to give back are some of the most rewarding ways of Growing Bolder.

    • Betty-Tisdale-1x1.jpg
      Betty Tisdale

      She's spent 35 years helping and loving the orphans of the world, and she's not doing it from a distance -- she moves to disaster-stricken areas to provide as much help as possible.

    Viewing 1-10 of 32