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    • Will Cantrell 1.2.JPG
      Pomp and Circumspect

      You can hardly turn around lately without bumping into somebody from out of town, who has scurried in town to give a commencement speech. Last Sunday, Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense congratulated and challenged the new graduates of Morehouse College. At the same time Gates was speaking, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice did the same at Spelman. A week earlier, Stephen Chu, U.S. Energy...

    • Sheryl Kurland,
      Midlife Marriage -- Love It Or Leave It?

      Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones’s new movie "Hope Springs" is about a couple trying to spice up their marriage and reconnect after 31 years of marriage. When I interviewed couples married 50-plus years for my Everlasting Matrimony book, Helen Tipton, married to Ross on September 25, 1937, advised “Be sure you choose someone you not only love but also will like after the first bloom has...

    • Camilla and Roger
      Byrds at Grand Ole Opry

      Today is the first Saturday in the third month of the year 2011. The past month was filled with filing the tax return, reading so many contracts that I felt like I should have gone to law school and unpacking suitcases. I woke up remembering that we always called the last day of the week “creative Saturday.” Our travels have kept us away from my desk for so long, that notes were coming in from...

    • Women in Film.mp4 snap shot

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