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    • Midlife-Gals-3x4.jpg
      KK & Sal

      For sisters KK and Sal, getting older didn't equal a life crisis – these girls turned to technology to turn themselves into the Midlife Gals.

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    • You've been lying about your AGE???
      The Midlife Gals need YOU!

      The Midlife Gals new VIDEO advice column at More Magazine online needs questions! Please do us a favor and go to more.com, join (it's free) and then go to the "Reinvention/Second Acts section...look for our Dear Midlife Gals stories (or our other text stories) and start COMMENTING! We want them to think we're popular and have friends. This will help tremendously!Thanking you all in advance,KK...

    • You've been lying about your AGE???

      And, we've had that site for two years. We're so all over the Internet now that I'm running out of daylight uploading everywhere ELSE. The Midlife Gals are 'official' contributors to 4 sites that we need to concentrate on now in addition to our own. They are:*More Magazine online* (where we can be found under Reinvent Yourself / Second...

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      Don't Ask The Midlife Gals to Move That Lamp!

      Ever moved a lamp and wound up with a newly decorated living room? Move that CHI!

    Viewing 1-10 of 26