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Items Related To Tag 'moments'

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    • gloria.jpg
      Celebrating Moments of Better Health

      When the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are both in remission - life is GRAND! I can leap tall buildings, run faster than a train, skip, do cartwheels, okay, only in my head can I do these things at any time of my life. Actually, I can drive a car, do my own shopping, be independent.When all is not well, I never know from one day to the next or even one moment to the next, how I'm going...

    • My Baby Boomer Baby Book
      Mary-Lou Weisman

      Your mother kept a baby book documenting your first steps, first haircut and first words, so why can't you keep one to commemorate your first colonoscopy?

    • Meg-pt8-4x3.jpg

    • Untitled.png
      Time does not wait... (A Poem by moi)

      Time does not Wait…by Vanessa Chesters Her wish for them is they will live out their dreams,And that they dream big.That their lives are not filled with “Things”,That they embrace what life brings.That they sore through life and learn to spread their wings. Time does not wait… She sits in her chair and reminisces of time that has since past,She can’t go back and wishes that those...

    • Phelps Touch Out

    • Untitled.png
      How do you choose to focus your lens?

      Do you ever focus on the things that are not working in your life? Sometimes I focus on something negative someone said to me, and the comment grows into a mountain. There are instances where I also focus on something someone said to me in my past, someone who made fun of me in elementary school, on friends that hurt me in highschool, or moments that I thought defined me as a person that I...

    • Key-Howard16x9.jpg
      Key Howard: Hog Wild

      Now in his mid-80s, actor, writer and musician Key Howard is thoughtful and reflective and sharing his wisdom with Growing Bolder in a series of moments called Ain't Life Grand. Find out why he wants to get into the Not Raising Hogs business.

    • NEW-Planet-Digital-16x9.jpg
      Tech Minute: FlipCam

      Funny or touching; family or strangers -- you can now capture moments in time with the flip of a camera. See how a tiny device allows you to share video and save memories forever.

    Viewing 1-10 of 96