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    • Vicki-Robin16x9.jpg
      Vicki Robin

      If you've ever thought, "Oh, I wish I could eat more locally grown foods but it's just too hard," Vicki Robin has some news for you -- you can do it. Get her tips for eating closer to home and what it can teach you about your community and yourself.

    • Jordan-Goodman-skyline16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: Jordan Goodman

      Anybody can start Growing Bolder, but it's nearly impossible to totally get there if you have financial pressures hanging over your head. We check in with "America's Money Answers Man" to discuss some financial issues facing us all.

    • julie-jason1x1.jpg
      Julie Jason

      Are you and your money ready for retirement? Chances are, you're not. One of the nation's leading financial experts offers tips to help anyone at any age and any income level start making smart money decisions today.

    • Dan-Clark16x9.jpg
      Dan Clark

      One of the world's top motivational speakers says we've got the idea of success all wrong. It's not about bigger houses, cooler cars and more money; it's about wanting what we get so that our lives matter. He explains.

    • Lean-Ingram1x1.jpg
      Leah Ingram

      Like millions of other Americans, Leah Ingram's family was forced to downsize and curb its spending. Rather than becoming a "cheapskate," she found creative new ways to save money and get more value out of her purchases. She explains how.

    • Clark-Howard16x9.jpg
      Clark Howard

      These days, it's all about saving money -- and still enjoying your life. No one is better at figuring out how to do that than consumer warrior Clark Howard. He gives tips for some of life's biggest bills, including retirement and healthcare.

    • Nickels-4x3.jpg
      5 Questions With: Cent-Savvy

      Cent-Savvy is a couponing queen. She shares her secrets to success on cent-savvy.com, and also here on GrowingBolder.com! We could all stand to save a little cash, so we decided to learn more about the money maven in this installment of 5QW.

    • vicki-robin1x1.jpg
      Vicki Robin

      She's been called the Prophet of Consumption Downsizers, and she's here to help you reset your priorities and regain control of your finances.

    • Stave-Franklin-set16x9.jpg
      The Secrets of Long and Happy Lives

      What can we learn from centenarians? It turns out, A LOT! Steve Franklin, Ph.D., spent years to talking to hundreds of people to discover their secrets of success in money, work and life.

    • Rossmeyer4x3.jpg
      King of the Road

      An unlikely corporate icon, Rossmeyer parlayed street smarts and a willingness to gamble into a major business empire. In a GB exclusive, we visited Rossmeyer and found a man motivated not by money, but by fun.

    Viewing 1-10 of 564