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    • Robert-Sutz16x9.jpg
      Finding His Purpose Late in Life

      Artist Bob Sutz is a messenger for beautiful people filled with horrific memories. Sutz is creating what he calls irrefutable evidence of one of the darkest chapters in human history -- the Holocaust.

    • Gert Boyle
      Gert Boyle: One Tough Mother

      She's one tough mother, and as the leader of a $1.2 billion company, Gert Boyle is a business icon who has never let her sex or age define her.

    • Adolf Hitler at Opera

    • Joanie-Schirm16x9.jpg
      Discovery of a Lifetime

      Joanie Schirm always knew there was more to her family history than what she had learned from her parents. When they passed away, she made a remarkable discovery in an old desk. It was a discovery that sent her on the adventure of a lifetime.

    • Joanie-Schirm1x1.jpg
      Joanie Schirm

      After her parents died, Joanie Schirm made the discovery of a lifetime about their historic and tragic lives. Find out how a boxful of letters sent her on a journey deep into her family's history.

    • Joanie-Schirm1x1.jpg
      Joanie Schirm

      Joanie Schirm is a retired CEO who, in many ways, represents the new face of retirement. She's still learning, still growing, still active in her community and still working. Only these days, she's working on a passion project -- genealogy.

    • Joanie-Schirm-set16x9.jpg
      Growing Bolder TV: Joanie Schirm

      Lately, the number of people digging into their family trees has been skyrocketing, especially among Boomers. Take Joanie Schirm for example, a retired CEO who has reinvented herself as an author and historian after discovering her family's secrets.

    • ruth-interview.jpg

    • Simon Wiesenthal
      Simon Wiesenthal

      Born: Dec. 31, 1908
      Died: Sept. 20, 2005
      A survivor of the Nazi death camps who dedicated his life to tracking down fugitive Nazi's and fighting prejudice against all people.

    Viewing 1-10 of 17