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    • Dori-Berinstein1x1.jpg
      Dori Berinstein

      Tony Award-winning producer Dori Berinstein knows a good story when she's sees one, and when she heard that a group of senior citizens were doing hip hop dance routines at NBA games, she knew she had to tell their stories.

    • Pat-Williams-chat16x9.jpg
      Pat Williams: Mission Accomplished

      One year ago, NBA executive and motivational speaker Pat Williams revealed he has multiple myeloma, an incurable, inoperable cancer. He declared that day, "The mission is remission." He returns with good news.

    • John-Gabriel16x9.jpg
      One More Magic Act

      John Gabriel is a former landscaper who rose through the ranks at the NBA to become one of the league's most powerful and successful executives. Now he's facing what may be his toughest opponent yet -- Parkinson's disease.

    • Frank-Deford1x1.jpg
      Frank Deford

      In his 50 years in the business, sportswriter Frank Deford has evolved from the "not very bright" kid to one of the most gifted, respected and versatile writers of our time. He reveals the two athletes he thinks are the most compelling of all time.

    • Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic: Getting You Back in the Game

      Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic's team of skilled specialists provide the highest level of personalized care to more than 140,000 patients a year. From sports injuries to hand and foot deformities, see why Jewett is your go-to team to get you back in the game.

    • Kim-Hill-4x3.jpg
      Beating a Death Sentence

      Kim Hill Tsamoutales was 5 when she was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Then, the life expectancy of a person with CF was 16. Today, Kim is 37. Come along as Growing Bolder relives one of the happiest days in her life.

    • Magic Dancers

    • Nike768K_Stream001.flv snap shot

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      The Growing Bolder Radio Show: October 3, 2009

      This week's guests include senior NBA dance Deanna Schwartz, photographer Barry Levine, singer Andy Williams and athlete Kay Glynn.

    Viewing 11-20 of 46