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    • Meg-Nurse-4x3.jpg
      Orlando Breast Cancer Survivor Searches for "Nipple Tattoo Artist"

      In what would be a medical first, a breast cancer survivor and registered nurse has started her search for a “very special artist” to tattoo realistic nipples on her reconstructed breasts.

    • CHIP102ART.BookCover01.jpg
      Nipple Sleuths

      Nancy Grace's brassiere has been a key factor during her performances on "Dancing with the Stars." I am probably one of the eleven people in the United States who has never seen the show, but even I have heard about her alleged areola and/or nipple appearance. Nancy's story reminded me of my own, less newsworthy, bra malfunction.As a 'Specials' teacher, I always try to buy clothes...

    • Meg-Part-6-4x3.jpg
      Confronting Cancer Part 6: The Next Adventure

      Meg Gaffney goes under the knife for what she hopes is the final time in her recovery from breast cancer. The next step is a nipple tattoo -- the first of its kind!

    • Breast-Cancer7-16x9.jpg
      Confronting Cancer Part 7: Facing the New Meg

      Throughout Meg Gaffney's battle with breast cancer, she's marked milestones. But this may be the most important of them all -- the first look in the mirror after her final reconstruction surgery.

    Viewing 1-5 of 5