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    • Suzan-Colon-3x4.jpg
      Suzan Colon

      For women everywhere, O Magazine is an empowering medium that is dedicated to changing their lives. For senior editor Suzan Colon, having the ability to touch lives is just as empowering to her.

    • Rhonda-Britten16x9.jpg
      Rhonda Britten

      As a teen, Rhonda Britten witnessed something no one, but especially a child, should ever see. It sent her spiraling into two decades of depression and addiction. She emerged on the other side and is now one of the most famous life coaches around.

    • Fran Harris
      Fran Harris

      Fran Harris has been called a combination of Oprah and Tony Robbins.

    • Marianne Williamson
      Marianne Williamson

      Author Marianne Williamson isn’t a stranger to the New York Times No. 1 Bestsellers List – she's landed on there four times. Her newest book took her on a trip to Oprah, Larry King Live and Good Morning America.

    • Suzy-Welch-1x1.jpg
      Suzy Welch

      She wrote a bestseller about leadership called "Winning". Her latest, "10-10-10: A Life Transforming Idea" teaches you how to make wise decisions.

    • Sharyn-Wolf1x1.jpg
      The Woman Who Lied to Oprah

      For years, Sharyn Wolf felt trapped. She had a secret that could destroy her career. Sharyn was one of the nation's most recognized and celebrated marriage counselors -- and her own marriage was failing.

    • kathy-freston1x1.jpg
      Kathy Freston

      She got Oprah to give up animal products for three weeks, and now famed health and wellness expert Kathy Freston is sharing simple, small things you can start doing today to live a healthier and more spiritual life.

    • Marjorie Thompson
      Marjorie Thompson

      Marjorie Thompson had her passions and goals, but life had other plans for her. She accomplished a lot many can't say they have, but Thompson still yearned for more.

    • Carolyn-Chad-Moor16x9.jpg
      Three Promises

      One moment Carolyn and Chad Moor were celebrating their love. The next, he lay dying, the victim of a hit-and-run car accident. During their final moments, Carolyn made three promises that she's spent many years and tears trying to keep.

    • charla-krupp1x1.jpg
      Charla Krupp

      It doesn't take a lot of time or money to look your best. One of the country's top beauty experts knows what it takes to help you not look old!

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