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    • Barbara-Klippel-3x4.jpg
      Barbara Klippel

      It's not entirely normal to be a cross-country skier that is a retired kindergarten teacher. It's even more amazing that Barbara Klippel overcame a fall down a flight of stairs and a broken skull to win the premiere cross-country ski marathon.

    • Growing Bolder

    • Larry-Roofner16x9.jpg
      H100 Minute: Adjust and Move Forward

      Larry Roofner is a guy we can all learn from. Find out how he's overcome obstacle after obstacle and in the process, discovered the life he was meant to live.

    • BigBandCurtis.com
      Amazing Courtesy

      As I travel the great state of Ohio, I am amazed by the every day courtesy of people everywhere. Countless times I see kind folks holding the door for one another and hear phrases like "excuse me, pardon me and thank you." Rarely is a door ever closed in my face. In the midst of busy city traffic, kind motorist will blink their headlights allowing me a place in line to make a necessary exit ramp....

    • GBW-Dot-16x9.jpg
      Dr. Dot Richardson: Overcome Fears

      Do you find yourself paralyzed with fear, thinking about all the the bad things that might result from taking a risk? Olympic champion Dr. Dot Richardson has advice for what you can say to yourself to overcome the negative thoughts.

    • Valerie-Ramsey-field16x9.jpg
      Valerie Ramsey

      Valerie Ramsey is living proof that not only is it never too late to reinvent your life, there's no obstacle too great that you can't overcome on your path to finding your dreams. Get her tips for creating your "what's next?"

    • jennifer-field16x9.jpg
      Healthy 100 Women: Jennifer Field

      Jennifer Field was 17 when doctors gave her little hope for survival after a traumatic brain injury, but she refused to give up hope. She explains why she now believes we all possess the ability to overcome challenges. She shares her incredible story

    • Bob Rafkin 1x1
      Inside the Story: Bob Rafkin

      Guitarist Bob Rafkin's rich, musical life has taken him from the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s to working with Joni Mitchell and Arlo Guthrie in LA. Now, in his 60s, he's overcome illness to emerge more prolific than ever.

    • James-OConnor16x9.jpg
      Six Bullets to the Chest

      James O'Connor was not standing at the proverbial crossroads. He was lying there. On a gurney. With six bullets in his chest. On what could have been his deathbed, James was overcome with a single thought.

    Viewing 1-10 of 75