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    • James-Gibson-paints4x3.jpg
      Roadside Works of Art

      The Florida Highwaymen were 26 African-American artists who traveled the state in the '50s and '60s selling paintings along the roadside. Ignored at the time, today their works are highly sought-after collectibles.

    • Paint Brushes
      Gino De Luca

      Gino De Luca is living proof that you can become more creative as you age.

    • Brian-Olsen16x9.jpg
      A Five-Minute Masterpiece

      Brian Olsen is as much a work of art as his pop culture portraits. He's a blur of brushes, hands, color and energy. His mentor's untimely death sent Brian on a profound journey to inspire others to find outlets for creativity and self-expression.

    • Bobby Goldsboro
      Bobby Goldsboro

      After putting his other passions on the back burner for more than 20 years, legendary singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro started growing bolder and taking chances with his life and career and started painting.

    • jane-seymour1x1.jpg
      Jane Seymour

      She's a major TV and movie star, but actress Jane Seymour says it's painting that helped save her life.

    • Pamela-Boll-1x1.jpg
      Pamela Tanner Boll

      For many women, being a mother and having a rewarding career can feel like an either/or choice. Mom, artist and filmmaker Pamela Tanner Boll reveals what she's learned about navigating the crazy territory between being a good mother and good to yourself.

    • Garde-16X9-(Minute).jpg
      Ageless Art: Harold Garde

      If there's anyone to hold up as an example of Growing Bolder, it's Harold Garde. Now in his 80s, Harold has been painting for more than five decades. His creative process is stronger and better than ever, and his work will grab your attention.

    • Bobby-Goldsboro16x9.jpg
      Bobby Goldsboro: Musical Colors

      Throughout his prolific career, he has sold millions and millions of records, written best-selling children's books and hosted a national TV show. As he nears 70, you'd think the legendary Bobby Goldsboro would be slowing down. Think again.

    • Harold-Garde-facade16x9.jpg
      89-Year-Old Artist Stops Traffic

      Harold Garde is nearly 90 years old, yet his abstract paintings are more sought after than ever. A museum is displaying his largest piece ever in a big way. See how the man and his art are stopping traffic and rewriting the rules.

    • Harold-Garde1x1.jpg
      Harold Garde

      Harold Garde would be a great artist at any age. His work hangs in museums from Florida to Wyoming to Houston and it's collected by art lovers across the world. But he just happens to be in his late 80s and he's still creating new art every day.

    Viewing 1-10 of 65