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    • Wendy-Chioji-4x3.jpg
      Starting Over, Growing Bolder

      Wendy Chioji has been the face of Orlando news for 20 years. Her battle with breast cancer enlightened all women; her determination to help others was only equaled by her dedication to becoming a world-class athlete.

    • Bryon-Powell1x1.jpg
      Bryon Powell

      Growing Bolder is all about pursuing passions. And sometimes that means quitting your job as a successful Washington attorney to do what you love best -- running ultramarathons. Find out why Bryon Powell gave up a legal career to run.

    • NAC-Ski-16x9-2.jpg
      Sliding the Slopes: All DisABILITIES Welcome

      Overcoming obstacles takes on new meaning at a special ski program in Park City, Utah. Growing Bolder contributor Wendy Chioji hits the slopes to see how instructors are helping turn CAN'T into CAN.

    • NAC-Ski-16x9-2.jpg
      Bonus Feature: Surviving on Skis

      For 25 years, the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah, has shown people who either believe or have been told that they CAN'T do something that they CAN. The program helps people with disabilities get back in the game.

    • Sled-Dogx-16x9.jpg
      Business Goes to the Dogs

      He had a passion -- and he turned it into big business. Neal Bowlen fell in love with dogs, and now he works to make sure people from all over can see them, too.

    • Wendy-Chioji-Skype16x9.jpg
      Wendy Chioji Reacts To Her Viral Video

      We recently saw a huge spike in traffic. We quickly realized what everyone was watching: the behind-the-scenes footage of GB reporter Wendy Chioji's calendar photo shoot. We check in with the Internet's newest "it girl" to get her reaction.

    • Jason shoots from chase plane.jpg
      A Tribute to Our Dear Friend Wendy

      As many of you know, Wendy Chioji is a good friend of most of the staff at GB. This week she said goodbye to Central Florida, retiring from TV news and growing bolder in her efforts to open a cycling center in Park City, Utah. Marc Middleton did a great GB story about Wendy's overall awesomeness. The story mentions her victory over Breast Cancer, which was diagnosed 7 years ago. The May 2001...

    • kealing3x4.jpg
      Tupperware Eagles

      Hello Again Growing Bolder Faithful, I just finished Don Felder's highly entertaining new book about the Eagles, Heaven and Hell. There are some gems for central Florida music history buffs. Felder had some early friendships with "Tommy" Petty, Duane Allman, and Stephen Stills long before they were stars. Some of it's sour grapes, but the back stories of the Eagles are pretty tasty. Check it...


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