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    • patwilliams3x4.jpg
      Pat Williams

      Orlando Magic Sr. VP Pat Williams is a man of many passions -- marathons, writing books and his 19 children!

    • Pat-Williams-intv16x9.jpg
      Pat Williams

      How can the lessons of the legendary Coach John Wooden help you in your every day life. Author, executive and cancer survivor Pat Williams explains and gives you a pep talk for discovering your hidden talents and passions.

    • Pat Williams
      Growing Bolder's Pat Williams Battling Cancer

      This week, we learned a member of the Growing Bolder family is battling cancer. Pat Williams, who will be contributing motivational minutes in our upcoming season of Growing Bolder TV, reveals how he plans to wage this war.

    • Pat-Williams-Wooden16x9.jpg
      Pat Williams: Coach Wooden's Keys to Success

      Growing Bolder contributor and author Pat Williams enjoyed a long friendship with the legendary coach John Wooden. Pat explains why he wanted to surprise the late coach for his 100th birthday with a book that details Wooden's 7 guiding principles.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      Growing Bolder Radio Show: April 7, 2012

      In life, there's nothing you can't conquer, whether it's rowing across the world's oceans, living to 104 or launching a new career. Hear from people who are living proof that anything in life is possible with the right attitude.

    • Pat-Williams16x9.jpg
      Pat Williams: Focus

      In nearly 1,500 interviews, NBA executive and author Pat Williams unlocked the key of basketball megastar Michael Jordan's success -- focus. Learn how to be like Mike and focus on this moment right now and start soaring to new heights in your life.

    • Podcast Main.jpg
      The Growing Bolder Radio Show: April 11, 2009

      This week's guests include health expert Dr. Henry Lodge, celebrity chef Andrea Beaman, performer John Davidson and NBA guru Pat Williams.

    • Pat-Williams-weights16x9.jpg
      Executive Challenge: Pat Williams' Extreme Dream

      He's one of the most influential people in NBA history, a prolific marathoner, the author of nearly 80 books, a motivational speaker and at age 72, he has an extreme dream. Pat Williams not only wants to beat cancer he wants to help find the cure.

    • Pat-Williams-chat16x9.jpg
      Pat Williams: Mission Accomplished

      One year ago, NBA executive and motivational speaker Pat Williams revealed he has multiple myeloma, an incurable, inoperable cancer. He declared that day, "The mission is remission." He returns with good news.

    • pat-williams1x1.jpg
      Pat Williams

      What can the basketball world teach you about life? Orlando Magic VP Pat Williams says even those with no interest in the sport will be inspired by the stories of the game's biggest names.

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