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    • Matt photo.jpg
      The Entertainment Trap: Why We Entertain Our Troubles Away and What Can We Do About it?

      By Matt W Sandford The January 11, 2005 edition of Market Watch contained an article entitled “America’s Culture of Entertainment”, in which it is revealed that Americans spend over $700 billion annually on entertainment. The article says that this is our fourth highest expenditure, after housing, food and healthcare. These are old numbers now. And from what I’ve read, it sure seems...

    • Matt photo.jpg
      5 Strategies for Combating Shyness And Social Anxiety Disorder, Too: How to Build Social Skills - Part 1

      By Matt Sandford, LMHC In a previous article I provided some helps for sorting out the differences between Shyness, Introversion and Social Anxiety Disorder. This is a companion piece meant to offer suggestions for addressing the skills of the person struggling with shyness. I believe it can certainly be helpful for those who identify as introverts or those struggling with SAD as well. Let me...

    • smothers-brothers1x1.jpg
      Tom Smothers

      It's been 40 years since the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was yanked off the air, but don't think that Tommy Smothers has gone quietly into the night. The outspoken political humorist is more fired up than ever.

    • marc-middleton-intv16x9.jpg
      One on One With GB Founder Marc Middleton

      What is Growing Bolder? And why is what we do so important? Growing Bolder CEO Marc Middleton opens up about the power of believing that it's never too late to smash some stereotypes and kick a little butt.

    • Raymond-Francis1x1.jpg
      Raymond Francis

      What if you could not only prevent cancer but also reverse it? What if everything we think we know about treating cancer is wrong? A leader in the field of optimal health explains why he believes the war on cancer has been a colossal failure.

    • melanie-safka1x1.jpg

      Her catchy ode to roller skates made her the No. 1 female vocalist in the early 1970s, but Melanie says it's taken her years to realize that it's OK to be a little cute.

    • the-spinners1x1.jpg
      The Spinners' Bobbie Smith

      The Spinners were once considered Motown's forgotten group, but that all changed with one important record. Lead singer Bobbie Smith explains why The Spinners still have staying power.

    • Matt photo.jpg
      Guilt in Parenting

      By Matt W Sandford, LMHC Let’s face it; if you have been striving to be a good parent, then you’ve felt guilt. Then again, if you’ve not been striving too much, it may also be from guilt. Either way, guilt and parenting seem to go hand in hand. But parenting guilt can be particularly heavy, more so than other guilt. Why is this? Because the stakes are higher, we tell ourselves. The fear of...

    • Me 2011
      What Now---The Danger Zone For Men

      It’s a known phenomenon, and a strange one, that there is a percentage of men who die within the first 18 months after retirement, and it doesn’t have to happen. Too many people are still unaware of it, as I was, at the time of my husband’s death. It’s been said many times, that what goes on in the mind will affect the body, but we don’t pay attention to it. When a man...

    • alice-duffy1x1.jpg
      Alice Duffy

      She made her Broadway debut at the age of 81 and says it was worth the wait.

    Viewing 2131-2140 of 2572