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    • Bill Shafer..jpg
      Pole Vaulting Grandma

      Nobody has to tell me that I should be more active. Every study ever done confirms that if you hope to live longer and live better you simply need to keep moving. So why do I spend so many evenings riding the sofa? Sometimes I wonder if these amazing people we all meet here on Growing Bolder make things worse! I mean, I'm NEVER going to be anything like the amazing 70-year-old Sandy Scott! My...

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Solving Storm Stress - 50 years later - my Grandfathers Story

      After a major disaster we all hear some wonderful stories of people being blessed by complete strangers who had the money or the time to help out, and that's a good thing. However, I believe that the greatest stories will be the ones told a generation from now. I can picture an old man sitting back and calming his own grandkids through a storm by telling them about the time that he...

    • Dwight Bain Life Coaching tips
      Mean Girls Bully thier Exhausted Moms

      Understanding 5 psychological dynamics fueling Mother/Daughter Conflict By: Dwight Bain, Nationally Certified Counselor & Certified Life CoachMoms & daughters. Why is it that sometimes they can’t stand to be apart- and other times they can’t stand each other? One of the most complex, challenging, confusing as well as rewarding and meaningful relationships in life can be found between mothers...

    • stacy-allison1x1.jpg
      Stacy Allison

      The first American woman to conquer Mt. Everest has a message of hope and determination for anyone seeking to improve their life.

    • Robert_Butler.jpg
      Dr. Robert Butler

      The man who coined the phrase "ageism" has died at the age of 83 of leukemia. Just days before his death, he revealed to us his 8 tips for living a long life, and the exciting news is YOU have the power to age well.

    • CHIP102ART.BookCover01.jpg

      My favorite Halloween story involves a guy who wasn't a relative, playmate or boyfriend. He was Serge Garabosky.My brother and I grew up in Ridgefield Lakes, a suburban community in Fairfield County, Connecticut with the pre-requisite 2.5 kids per family. (Of course there was the Hannity family with nine kids, but they were Catholic and he was a dentist). Fathers - who all had the...

    • Frank-Deford1x1.jpg
      Frank Deford

      In his 50 years in the business, sportswriter Frank Deford has evolved from the "not very bright" kid to one of the most gifted, respected and versatile writers of our time. He reveals the two athletes he thinks are the most compelling of all time.

    • sigrid-olsen1x1.jpg
      Sigrid Olsen

      She lost the fashion line bearing her name and was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of backing down, the indomitable Sigrid Olsen is launching a new career and a new life.

    • Jackie
      Why HBO Should Be in Charge of History Lessons

      With all due respect to Ken Burns, I think his days as America's favorite history-teller are numbered. Like many, I was fascinated by his series on the Civil War, baseball and World War II. But, if I'm totally honest, I must confess that sometimes it felt like a chore to get through some of the episodes. So, when my husband recommended that we check out the recent HBO series about John Adams, I...


    Viewing 2131-2140 of 2558